How to do a leg wax |   Nova Wax

How to do a leg wax | Nova Wax


Welcome back for another #WAXINGWITHLIZ Nova tutorial video. Thank you to those of you who have been reaching out with questions and posting your Nova experience! Nova is a premium salon stripless wax that enhances your skin’s overall appearance after waxing, leaving you with glowing & healthy skin. We want you to perform successful wax sessions with Nova every time so we provide you with videos, blogs so you’re always in the know! 

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Today Liz Lugo, creator of Nova, will show you how to complete a leg wax with these steps and a helpful video that goes along with it!

  • Find the right consistency - it should be a bit on the tackier side. Your temp is suggested at 65. Remember, it all depends on your room temp so don’t necessarily go by that, rather go by the thickness itself.
  • Prep the skin with Micellar Water. Once dry, start with smaller strips first and then escalate to larger strips. Your strips should lay evenly and thinly about the thickness of a dime. 
  • Once the strip is applied don’t wait too long to remove it - it can be removed within 8 to 10 seconds after application.
  • Moisturize with Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Ointment.
  • If you have a client with sensitive skin - saturate paper towels with Witch Hazel and lay them all over the freshly waxed area. The witch hazel helps soothe skin and also helps with inflammation. Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic that hydrates & nourishes the skin leaving it less irritated.
  • The Nova formula works wonderfully with all skin types ESPECIALLY sensitive skin! 
  • Wait 3-4 weeks to wax again and don’t forget to exfoliate! You can wax again after 2 weeks if your hair grows faster.

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