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About the creator:

Liz Lugo - Nova Wax

Hard wax guru Liz Lugo, discovered her passion for skin care while attending Bellus Academy in Poway, California; one of the most accredited beauty and wellness institutions in the nation. Liz soon realized waxing would not just be her career, but also an aspiration toward perfecting the technique of its artistry. Liz’s vision was to create a wax that is gentle on the skin but removes all types of different textured hair.

Nova Wax 500g

About the product:

Nova is a one of a kind wax boasting the qualities of Liz’s favorite European wax formulas! It is creamy, elastic, and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types. This hybrid wax is ready to revolutionize the future of waxing!

Nova Wax 1000g

Liz dreamt up Nova Wax while working in her studio, a thought, then an idea that came to reality thanks to Maystar Cosmética, the makers of Starpil Wax; which have supported her every step of the way. Liz had always envisioned a depilatory wax that allows you to work faster while improving the quality of your work. This vision is now a reality.

Liz knew the exact specifications she wanted for Nova Wax. She visited the Maystar Lab in Tarragona, Spain, and sat with the chemist to break down every single detail she wanted for her wax.

From the consistency and setting time of the wax to its creaminess and elasticity, Nova Wax is everything Liz ever dreamed of for her brand.