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Getting to know your new NOVA Professional Wax Warmers

by Nova CS November 14, 2019 3 min read


Warmers - Nova Wax

As you know, I just launched the highly anticipated Nova Mini Wax Warmer and Nova Standard Wax Warmer this month. It’s been a journey but they finally arrived! Huge THANK YOU to all of you that ordered them right away - I am so stoked that you will now have your creamy Nova wax to go along with your new easy-to-use Nova wax warmers. Keep it all in the family! You will find it much easier to use my wax with these warmer rather than other warmers, trust me - it’s the ying to the yang.

A few of you reached out and asked a common question that raised my brow… ;)

“How do I use my professional wax warmer with my Nova hard wax to achieve the best results?”

Well, I want to make sure that you know exactly how to use my new wax warmer for waxing so that you have a SUPERNOVA experience. (I know, cheesy!) It’s important that you know how to properly maneuver the salon wax warmers and wax simultaneously so that you get the intended full performance of the combo.

Without further delay -- this is what you need to know about your new and exciting products!


Nova Mini Wax Warmer

Mini warmer - Nova Wax

With this compact wax warmer, first, you need to turn it on to the max (the last tick) which will get to a temperature that liquifies Nova. Even though this a smaller warmer that only holds 125 grams of wax you still need to wait 15-20 minutes after heating it to use. No biggie!

You need to bring the temperature back down to a warm half temp, which is the middle tick or just below it depending on how cold your room is. Keeping the wax consistent is imperative to the wax’s performance. Also, you have to make sure your room isn’t feeling like the Titanic as this affects the wax. Honestly, the temp of your wax and the temp in the room can either make or break your entire waxing experience so please pay attention to your surroundings.


Nova Standard Wax Warmer

Warmer Standar - Nova Wax

This is a larger hair removal wax warmer that holds enough wax for full body waxing so you’ll have plenty of Nova to go around. First, begin by turning your Nova 1lb professional wax warmer on and setting it to a temperature of 90°C, which turns the wax to liquid form. Then fill your professional wax pot (within your wax heater) with our Nova hard wax tablets. Once the silver creamy wax is fully and evenly melted, turn it back down to a maintenance temperature of 60-65C.

It’s a no brainer that your waxing experience is measured by the quantity and type of wax that is used - your melting wait time, as well as your wax experience, is all determined by those factors. Here how you achieve the best results with your wax warmer and Nova wax tablets:

  • Hard Wax Tablets
    • HALF POT — after setting the temperature to 55-60C, wait 15-20 minutes after heating to use wax.
    • FULL POT — after setting the temperature to 65C, wait 20-25 minutes after heating to use wax.

To clean your professional wax warmers, whether you’re using the 1lb or the facial wax warmer - I recommend melting down the excess wax in your warmer and disposing of it (carefully!). After this, allow your warmer to cool to lukewarm temperature, and wipe down the inside with either alcohol wipes or a cloth. Using Goo-Gone (best-kept secret!) to wipe it down will make it look as good as new. Make sure your salon wax warmer is fully dry before plugging it in again and you’re all set.

It’s the LIZ LUGO WAY!

Nova CS
Nova CS