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Hard Wax

Hard wax is a stripless wax designed for all-over body use, including the face. Unlike soft wax, hard wax adheres to the hair follicle rather than the skin which makes it ideal for those with sensitivity. Our hard wax comes in two forms: wax tablets and wax beads. The Nova hard wax formula melts down quickly and spreads evenly on both large and small areas.

While Hard wax does have a learning curve, once you get the method down you’ll realize why it’s preferred by so many professionals, students, and at-home users! A more in depth guide on how to use hard wax can be found here on our Nova blog. The basics, however, are as follows:

Begin by warming the wax tablets or wax beads until the consistency becomes honey-like (consistency can be tested with a dip of the spatula)

Secondly, apply a hard wax pre-care product over the area that is being waxed.

Next, dip the spatula in the wax formula and apply to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. After spreading, wait for the formula to cool for a few seconds (also known as setting).

The next step is to create an edge with the wax to help with the pull. Since you pull against the direction of hair growth when using hard wax, the edge should be at the opposite end from where you first started application. For example, if you’re applying leg wax and start near the knee going down towards your foot then the edge should be closer to your foot than your knee.

Lastly, hold the skin taught with the opposite hand from the edge side and pull away against the hair growth. Apply pressure immediately after pulling the strip to soothe potential pain.

Hard wax is safe for all skin types and all hair types! If you’re someone who has experienced skin sensitivity post waxing or if your clients have experienced skin sensitivity post waxing, Nova recommends trying hard wax! Hard wax is better for sensitive skin because it adheres only to the hair follicle, unlike soft wax which adheres to the skin. Our formula is also packed with skin-nourishing, clean ingredients like mineral oil and titanium dioxide.

Hard wax and soft wax are both effective hair removal products. They can both be used in salons or at home and have been a go-to beauty service for decades for a reason. Different clients and professionals have their own preferences but the differences between the two formulas are as follows:

Hard Wax

  • Stripless, doesn’t require any supplies aside from a spatula, warmer, and pre/post care products
  • Can be used all over the body
  • Typically less painful
  • Adheres to the hair follicle
  • Can be used repeatedly over the same area if hairs are missed the first pull
  • Good at grabbing shorter hairs

Soft Wax

  • Requires strips for removal, non-woven cloth
  • Better suited for use in areas with fine hair, like the face
  • Adheres to the skin
  • Can only be used once in each area, to avoid skin lifting
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Good for speed waxing