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Hair Removal Waxing Kits

All waxing kits include a wax warmer, hard wax, pre-and-post wax care products, and spatulas.

Selecting the ideal waxing kit depends on your specific needs. If you prefer at-home waxing, consider the Eyebrow and Face Waxing kit for smaller areas or the Standard kit for larger regions like the legs.

For esthetician students, small salon owners, and specialists focusing on facial or brow waxing, we recommend the versatile Standard Kit. If you're always on the move, the compact Eyebrow and Face Waxing kit is perfect for on-the-go estheticians.

For seasoned professionals managing a high client volume or interested in efficient speed waxing, the Professional Wax Kit is tailored to meet your requirements.

If you need more assistance selecting the right kit - our product specialists are here to help! You can reach us Monday thru Friday 9:30am-5:30pm by calling+1 (888) 391-7173 or emailinginfo@nova-wax.com.