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Standard Hard Wax Warmer - 1lb

High-quality 1lb. capacity hard wax warmer designed for waxing all areas, from eyebrows to full legs.

The Nova Difference:

  • Temperature Range.Easy-to-use temperature dial complete with 6 levels for flexible heating.
  • Large Area Ready. 1 lb. waxing pot allows for servicing larger areas like legs and arms without frequent wax replenishment.
    • Smart Design.Removable tin makes replacing wax and keeping equipment tidy easier than ever. 


    Our standard hard wax warmer is ideal for waxers who want to do it all, with a pot capacity big enough for larger service areas like arms and legs.

    At Nova, we take great pride in crafting wax warmers that not only look stunning but also perform flawlessly. Before they leave our hands, each and every Nova Wax Warmer undergoes internal testing to ensure its functionality. We even inspect them for any sneaky cosmetic mishaps before shipping them your way. But hey, we understand that even the most carefully crafted products can encounter a hiccup or two. That's why we're thrilled to offer complimentary 1-year Repair or Replace Warranty on all warmers, because we believe in standing by our creations. If, by a rare stroke of misfortune, you happen to receive a warmer that isn't as cooperative as it should be, we've got your back. Simply reach out to us, and if it falls within the one-year warranty period, we'll happily replace it for you. That's our promise. For more information on our warranty, please click here. If you would like additional coverage for your warmer that extends beyond the included warranty, we recommend joining the Warmer Care Program

    • 1lb / 500ml / 0.45kg Capacity.
    • 45°C – 105°C Adjustable Temperature Dials.
    • 110-120 Volt U.S. Standard 150 Watts.
    • Inner Pot Measurements: 4” W x 4” Depth
    • Warmer Measurements: 7” W x 5” Depth
    • Ideal For: Facial Waxing, Underarm Waxing, Leg Waxing, Mobile Waxing Services. 

    The 1lb Hard Wax Warmer is an absolute gem for anyone diving into the glamorous world of waxing! This little powerhouse is designed to be your trusty companion as you embark on your journey of learning and practicing a wide range of services.

    Its compact size also makes it perfect for DIY waxers who want to tackle face waxing, leg waxing, and everything in between from the comfort of your home. With its exceptional capacity, you can effortlessly melt and maintain a sufficient amount of wax, ensuring you have enough to tackle various body parts without breaking a sweat (or a strip!).

    For our seasoned professionals, this warmer is a match made in heaven when paired with our 5.5lb Professional Warmer, especially for those fabulous facial services. Together, they create a dynamic duo that caters to your every waxing need, ensuring your clients leave feeling like royalty.

    Nova Warmers are compatible with other voltages, as long as a converter is used. Nova Wax does not sell converters with the Wax Warmers.

    We highly recommend turning off your standard wax warmer after you are finished using it. Leaving it on overnight can shorten the lifespan of your warmer and can be dangerous.

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