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Angled Wooden Brow Applicators

Nova Wax Angled Wooden Brow Applicators are the ultimate tool for flawless eyebrow waxing! Crafted with precision in mind, our double-sided spatulas offer unmatched control and accuracy for shaping and detailing your brows like a pro. Made from smooth, all-natural wood, these angled wonders are gentle on your delicate skin. The slanted end effortlessly applies the ideal amount of hard wax exactly where you need it, ensuring a clean and defined brow line every time. For those intricate touch-ups, the precision point on the other end allows you to shape the wax and effortlessly remove any stray hairs with finesse. Perfect for both beginners and experts alike, our Nova Wax Angled Wooden Brow Applicators are a must-have addition to your beauty toolkit.

  • 4 1/2"
  • Made from Bamboo
  • 100-CT Packages

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