Nova Roll-On Wax (Individual Cartridge)

The Nova Difference

Nova’s vegan roll-on wax cartridges are perfect for reducing service time and assuring clients of cleanliness.

Crafted by an esthetician for everyone, the all-in-one Nova Wax is the only formula that self-waxers, students, and professionals need. Adhering to both fine and coarse hair, our roll-on wax applies seamlessly with a flexible consistency that glides across the skin. 

Our vegan roll-on wax cartridges, compatible with our roll-on wax warmer, are the best solution for anyone looking to speed wax large areas without having to worry about sanitation precautions and wax temperature fluctuations. 

Since each roll-on wax cartridge is only used for one person, you can say goodbye to the added waste that comes with wax sticks, the fear of double dipping when lost in service conversation, and stirring the wax to maintain its consistency.

Before applying the wax to the skin, ensure it is not excessively hot. The wax should have a thick consistency similar to honey. If the wax appears too runny, it is overheated and can potentially cause skin burns.

This product is flammable. It should only be used in a well-ventilated area, away from any open flames or sparks.

It is not suitable for heating in a microwave. Please use a wax warmer for heating purposes.

Refrain from using the wax on open wounds, cuts, or sores.

Avoid using this product if you are currently using a substance that thins the skin, such as Accutane or Retin A.

For the next 24 hours following a hair removal treatment, staying away from direct sunlight and avoiding hot water is advisable.

Before use, carefully examine the ingredients and perform a patch test to ensure no allergic reactions.

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Our Roll-On Warmer is exclusively designed for optimal compatibility with Nova Roll-On Cartridges. Starpil cartridges are confirmed to work seamlessly with this warmer. It's important to note that the patented design ensures the best fit and efficiency specifically for Nova and Starpil. We cannot guarantee the same level of compatibility or efficiency with cartridges from other brands. For the best results and user experience, we recommend using Nova cartridges.

The Soft Wax Can Warmer is designed solely for use with Can Soft Wax.

While the Roll-On Warmer is designed for prolonged heating and is safe for extended use, it is recommended to turn it off once your service(s) are completed. This not only conserves energy but also contributes to prolonging the life of the cartridge. For professional use, the same cartridge should not be used on different clients to ensure hygiene and the best experience for each individual.