Professional Soft Wax Kit

Everything you need! Our creamy flexible soft wax formula is perfect for waxing both large and small areas with comfort and ease. When paired with our standard warmer and waxing accessories, you’ll never have to worry about being ready for a service.

Crafted by an esthetician for everyone, the all-in-one Nova Wax is the only formula that self-waxers, students, and professionals need. Adhering to both fine and coarse hair, our soft wax formula can be used anywhere on the body to achieve long-lasting hairless skin.

Our soft wax kit has everything you need from start to finish to achieve flawless soft waxing results. It comes complete with a standard size wax warmer, soft wax, waxing strips, spatulas, and pre & post care products.

The perfect complement to our wax strips, our soft wax formula removes hair like a dream. It spreads across the skin evenly and picks up each hair with intention. Our Pre & Post care products prep the skin for a seamless service and reinfuse the skin with moisture.

Moisturizing ingredients -  fast meltdown time - adjustable temperature - all over body use - big and small area friendly - easily spreadable - gentle on skin 

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