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Roll-On Wax Kit

All-in-One Roll-On Wax Kit for Effortless Hair Removal


Ultra Hygenic Roll-on Wax Cartridges.  Roll-on Wax kit comes with your choice of 3 or 5 single-use and recyclable roll-on wax cartridges, to allow for multiple waxing sessions.

High-quality Warmer. Cordless warmer heats wax cartridges in minutes, making waxing easier, and quicker, than ever.

Hydrating Pre & Post Care Products. Waxing pre-care and post-care products prepare the skin for optimal removal and seal, resulting in long-lasting hairless skin.

Soft Non-Woven Wax Strips. 200-count non-woven wax strips ensure a seamless removal process. 

Crafted by an esthetician for everyone, the all-in-one Nova Wax is the only formula that self-waxers, students and professionals need. Adhering to fine and coarse hair, our roll-on wax applies seamlessly with a flexible consistency that glides across the skin. 

Experience a seamless waxing session with our comprehensive roll-on wax kit. Included are vegan roll-on wax cartridges, a cordless roll-on wax warmer, and wax strips for your convenience. Say goodbye to concerns about wax temperature fluctuations or technique issues—our kit ensures gentle, quick, and effective waxing, perfect for tackling large areas effortlessly.

Enhance your pre and post-care routine with our specially formulated products. Enriched with nourishing tamanu oil and exfoliating willow bark, they help you achieve your desired skin goals both before and after your waxing session. Bid farewell to dry, irritated skin; with our kit, smooth, hydrated skin is just a roll away.

At Nova, we take great pride in crafting wax warmers that not only look stunning but also perform flawlessly. Before they leave our hands, each and every Nova Wax Warmer undergoes internal testing to ensure its functionality. We even inspect them for any sneaky cosmetic mishaps before shipping them your way. But hey, we understand that even the most carefully crafted products can encounter a hiccup or two. That's why we're thrilled to offer complimentary 1-year Repair or Replace Warranty on all warmers, because we believe in standing by our creations. If, by a rare stroke of misfortune, you happen to receive a warmer that isn't as cooperative as it should be, we've got your back. Simply reach out to us, and if it falls within the one-year warranty period, we'll happily replace it for you. That's our promise. For more information on our warranty, please click here. If you would like additional coverage for your warmer that extends beyond the included warranty, we recommend joining the Warmer Care Program


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The Nova Roll-On wax is specifically formulated for use on larger areas of the body, including arms, legs, back, chest, and stomach. However, they are not suitable for Brazilian or facial waxing.Our roll-on wax is a soft, strip wax designed for single application per area. It's important to avoid ultra-sensitive areas with delicate skin, such as the Brazilian area and face, to ensure the best waxing experience.

The original hard wax formula for Nova has been adapted to be in soft wax (strip wax) form. While the core parts of the formula remains consistent, there are some minor differences due to the distinct composition of soft wax compared to hard wax. The Nova Roll-On is the soft wax formula packaged conveniently in a cartridge.

The Nova soft wax is vegan-friendly as it doesn't contain beeswax, and we kept it fragrance-free. The main thing to note is that unlike hard wax, soft wax doesn't fully dry down, hence the need for that paper removal strip. It's got a good grip on both hair and skin, so stick to just one pass over the skin to avoid any accidental skin lifts! Hard wax, on the other hand, may allow for 2-3 passes depending on individual skin sensitivity and reactivity.

Our Roll-On Warmer is custom-built for seamless compatibility with Nova Roll-On Cartridges. The patented design ensures the perfect fit and efficiency, tailored specifically for Nova products. While we'd love to say it's a universal fit, we can't guarantee the same level of compatibility or performance with cartridges from other brands. To ensure the best results and user experience, we highly recommend sticking with Nova cartridges.