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Roll-On Wax Warmer

Your portable solution for quick, comfortable, and precise soft-waxing.

Portable & Quick.Cordless design for convenient use and heats a 3.8oz Nova Wax Roll-On cartridge in 30 mins.

Comfortable & Precise.Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable hold for precise waxing.

Smart & Effective Design. Easily monitor wax levels with a transparent window, plus 30 mins of continuous use for uninterrupted and satisfying waxing sessions.

Made for use with Nova Wax’s roll-on soft wax cartridges, the Nova Wax Roll-On Wax Warmer is the best option for soft-waxing with speed. This cordless wax warmer is the perfect piece of equipment for students, estheticians, or enthusiasts looking for a simple way to smooth skin.

At Nova, we take great pride in crafting wax warmers that not only look stunning but also perform flawlessly. Before they leave our hands, each and every Nova Wax Warmer undergoes internal testing to ensure its functionality. We even inspect them for any sneaky cosmetic mishaps before shipping them your way. But hey, we understand that even the most carefully crafted products can encounter a hiccup or two. That's why we're thrilled to offer complimentary 1-year Repair or Replace Warranty on all warmers, because we believe in standing by our creations. If, by a rare stroke of misfortune, you happen to receive a warmer that isn't as cooperative as it should be, we've got your back. Simply reach out to us, and if it falls within the one-year warranty period, we'll happily replace it for you. That's our promise. For more information on our warranty, please click here. If you would like additional coverage for your warmer that extends beyond the included warranty, we recommend joining the Warmer Care Program

3.88oz/110g Capacity (1 Cartridge)

230 V 50Hz

1.5” W x 3” L x 7” H

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Our Roll-On Warmer is custom-built for seamless compatibility with Nova Roll-On Cartridges. The patented design ensures the perfect fit and efficiency, tailored specifically for Nova products. While we'd love to say it's a universal fit, we can't guarantee the same level of compatibility or performance with cartridges from other brands. To ensure the best results and user experience, we highly recommend sticking with Nova cartridges.

Typically, it takes around 30 minutes for the Roll-On Cartridge to heat up to its optimal temperature for use. Our Roll-On Warmer is equipped with a convenient window on the side, allowing you to easily monitor the wax melting progress. If the wax inside appears relatively fluid when you gently move the warmer around, it's likely good to go! To double-check, perform a quick test swipe on your forearm. If the wax glides smoothly on the skin, it's ready. If it tugs or sticks a little, it needs a bit more time to heat up. For consistent and effective application, keep the cartridge inside the warmer during use.

While our Roll-On Warmer is engineered for prolonged heating and is safe for extended use, we recommend turning it off once your waxing session(s) are complete. This not only helps conserve energy but also prolongs the life of the cartridge.

For personal use, if there's wax left in the cartridge, you can save it for your next waxing session. For professional use, the same cartridge should not be used on different clients to ensure hygiene and the best experience for each individual.