Soft Strip Wax (500ml)

Our vegan soft wax formula is gentle and suitable for use on all skin types.

Crafted by an esthetician for everyone, the all-in-one Nova Wax is the only formula that beginners, students, and professionals need. Adhering to both fine and coarse hair, our wax applies seamlessly with a flexible consistency that glides across the skin. 

Our vegan soft wax formula delivers the same Nova use-anywhere capability with a soft touch! The flexible formula melts quickly and spreads easily, no matter what part of the body you’re waxing. 

Compatible with soft wax strips, our soft wax formula gently grabs onto each hair and removes it seamlessly, with ingredients specifically chosen by Nova’s creator and master esthetician, Liz Lugo to soothe irritation post-pull. 

Semisolid form - low-temperature application - even meltdown - skin soothing ingredients - use anywhere on the body - large area capable - speed wax friendly - used with soft wax strips

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