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How to Wax Legs: The Ultimate Guide

by Kirstyn Porter July 14, 2023 4 min read


Leg Waxing Guide
Learninghow to wax legs properly is a great way to save yourself from the realization that you’ve forgotten to shave the day you’re putting on that new dress - yes, we’veallbeen there! Although it’s a large body part and may seem daunting, legs are relatively easy to wax as long as you’ve got the basics down. 

Whether you’re a super waxer esthie or a beginner starting at home, our complete guide onhow to wax legs will provide you with all of the info you need to get perfectly smooth hairless legs.

Table of Contents

Leg Wax Benefits

One of the most significant benefits of learning how to wax legs is how long it lasts! With legs, people shave very often because the hair grows back quickly and is also very coarse. Once you get consistent with waxing your legs, you’ll be able to maintain your smooth results for up to six weeks. 

A second benefit of leg waxing is that there are no pesky razor cuts. Since the legs have so many crevices, it’s very easy to accidentally cut yourself when shaving. 

Longer results from a leg wax save not only save you money and time but also give you the confidence to show some razor-knick-free skin! 

Lastly, leg waxing is a great way to effectively reduce environmental waste compared to shaving. With disposable razors and leg waxing, you’ll find yourself going through a ton of razors a month with units that aren’t recyclable. 

With Nova's stripless hard wax, the only disposables you will have are the wax itself and the applicator sticks once every month and a half. 

Leg Wax Preparation

Preparing your legs for waxing is a key step in learninghow to wax your legs. Good preparation can be the difference between a fast service with beautiful results and an at-home disaster with all sorts of remaining hair left over.  

The first step in preparation is proper cleansing. Proper cleansing ensures that the skin and hair is free from any bacteria - which is essential since waxing opens up the pores. The last thing you want is to have any breakouts on your newly hairless skin. 

A good pre-wax cleanser provides you with the peace of mind of clean skin before waxing. 

You can apply the pre-care cleanser with a saturated cotton round. After, you can apply a water-saturated cotton round over the same area. 

The second prep step in learninghow to wax your legs is exfoliation. Exfoliation removes any surface-level dead skin cells, allowing the wax to really adhere to the hair beneath. 

If you want your wax results to last as long as possible, exfoliation is key!

How to Wax Legs Step by Step

    1. Heat the wax evenly until it is your desired consistency.
    2. Prepare the skin by cleansing and fully drying the area.
    3. Study the hair growth direction! Leg hair can be tricky.
    4. Apply the wax with the direction of the hair growth, allowing it time to cool while also creating a lip to pull from. The lip should be at the bottom of your wax strip.
    5. Hold the skin taut near the lip and gently pull until you have a firm grip on the lip.
    6. Pull against the direction of the hair growth while keeping your hand parallel to the leg. Do not lift up towards the ceiling. 
    7. Immediately apply pressure with your hand to the area you just removed the strip from to relieve pain.
    8. Repeat this process until your desired area is fully hair free!
    9. Wipe the skin of any remaining wax residue. Hint - check any small crevices where natural bends are!
    10. Apply aftercare products with cotton rounds.

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Professional Leg Waxing Tips

As a professional, learning how to wax legs can be very lucrative! Aside from using a great high quality wax (like Nova Wax), one great thing to do is make sure your client is comfortable.

Learning how to properly situate your client is key! Always remember that every one has a different level of flexibility and leg waxing requires some bending.

Another professional tip is making sure that your wax strips are layed carefully. The legs are a really big area so it’s important to use consistent pressure when spreading the wax so you don’t end up with any cracked edges or stringy wax.

Last but not least, the legs are a huge area of the body that require a lot of wax! 

A greatprofessional grade warmerwith a large capacity tin can make a tedious service go by much more quickly for both you and your client. 

At-Home Leg Waxing Tips

The key to learning how to wax your legs at home is positioning. Since the legs can be so hard to reach, which can end in areally messy waxing area, the way you position your legs is essential! 

Another important thing to keep in mind about waxing your legs at home is the hair growth direction. Learning how to lay your strips in a way that complements your hair growth direction is a make-or-break for leg waxing.

It’s easy to look at hair growth direction when waxing a client, but on yourself, it may take a little bit more studying.

Check out this video on how to wax legs on your own legs by our amazing founder, Liz Lugo.

Leg Wax Aftercare

To get the most out of newly waxed legs, aftercare is essential!  We recommend using a good after care oil or lotion like those found inpre and post wax care bundle.  

Freshly hydrated skin will extend the results of your wax. Good aftercare also helps soothe any possible irritation that occurred during the service.  

Final Thoughts

Learning how to wax your legs has a ton of payoff! Not only will you do your part with saving the environment ditching shaving, but you will also have hairless legs for way longer. 

The process itself may seem like a lot, but careful planning and studying the hair makes a good wax great.

Lastly, good preparation and aftercare help both at-home waxers and estheticians maximize their results.


Kirstyn Porter
Kirstyn Porter