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by Nova CS December 12, 2019 2 min read



Hey guys! Every month we will post quick brow tips that you may or may not know. Pre and Post brow wax care is extremely important if you are trying to achieve the perfect brows. Everything in the entire waxing process is vital from start to finish and Nova’s formula is incredibly effective for getting remarkable results. If you have mastered your waxing technique down to a T then all you need are the right products to go with your kick-ass skills. But also, knowledge is power and power equals success so the more you know the better!

Here are five eyebrow waxing tips that you should tell your clients -

  • I recommend getting an eyebrow wax done in the morning so that your skin can renew its moisture throughout the day. After a fresh eyebrow wax, your skin will be sensitive so unveil them for the day and enjoy your new fabulous look!
  • As tempting it may be, don’t constantly keep touching your brows post-wax. Continuing to do so will clog the pores in that area resulting in spots and bumps. No one wants that and it’s completely avoidable so stay away.
  • Say no to exfoliating scrubs and anti-aging creams for at least three days to steer clear of oil accumulation. If you really need to rub something around your brows, try Aloe Vera Gel. It will soothe your brows and freshen up your recently waxed brows.
  • If you are planning on traveling where the luxuries of swimming, sauna, steam rooms, and sunbeds await you, get your eyebrows done three days before you leave. Sun exposure will negatively impact your freshly waxed sensitive skin.
  • Once your brows begin to grow out don’t tweeze those unruly small hairs even though you really want. However urgent it may seem to remove the newly grown brow hairs, don’t do it! - trust me, it will ruin your shape gradually.

You want to make sure that your client has a pleasant waxing experience so make them feel comfortable, informed, and always satisfied with their results.

Check back with us for more tips next month!

Nova CS
Nova CS