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Exfoliation - Your Secret to Beautiful Skin

by Nova CS August 31, 2021 6 min read


Exfoliation - your secret to beautiful skin

Does your skin feel rough, lifeless, or a little extra prone to breakouts these days? We hear you loud and clear.  Here’s our solution to bring your skin back to life -exfoliation

Exfoliation is all about removing the dead skin cells on the surface layer of your skin. This leaves your body looking exuberant and revitalized as new fresh cells will be able to breathe through the pores of your skin.

When people think about exfoliating, they usually only think about exfoliating their face, but our whole bodies are covered in dead skin cells that need removal from time to time! 

Let's talk a little bit about some exfoliation treatments, and we're going to let you in on a secret...actually, Nova's new BIG secret weapon in the exfoliating game (it won't be too secret for long!)

What Is Exfoliation Good For?

Exfoliation improves cell turnover, which is good for diminishing blackheads, acne, and blemishes, and it increases circulation, which is good for rosy cheeks and fewer cellulite issues. It does all of this while improving texture which is good for smoothing rough patches on the skin.

Your skin ultimately gets that boost of glowing radiance every woman wants, from her face all the way to the bottom of her feet.

Exfoliation, in all its forms, is really a great thing. Not only does it make everyone's skin look noticeably better and feel smoother after one treatment, but it can also make a massive difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin over time.

We, at Nova, know this! And this is why we are revealingNova's NEXT BIG THING.

Introducing Nova'sExfoliation Bath Mitt! 


exfoliating bath mitt

To aid in your own and your client's regular mechanical exfoliation routine, we have released a bath mitt making exfoliation an easy process to keep your skin looking and feeling its best while creating the perfect opportunity to give and get the best waxing results.

With a honeycomb cell design, it boasts anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and allows it to dry quickly! Use it either as a tool for dry brushing or with some water and a soapy lather, this exfoliation mitt will not only make exfoliating a breeze, but it will make it pretty fun!

The Exfoliation Bath Mitt just made exfoliation a touch more luxurious, and your skin will feel smoother and softer than ever before!

Exfoliating regularly is not just suitable for all types of skin, but it is necessary! No matter your age, no matter your skin color, and no matter what kind of body you have, exfoliation treatments can help to improve the overall look and feel for everyone!

However, it is not something that you should do willy-nilly. You need to know a handful of things before you start exfoliating: 1) what kind of skin you have and 2) how to exfoliate properly. Let's talk about these topics for a moment so that you can give your skin the best treatment it needs.

Know Your Type: Oily, Dry, Or Normal Skin?

There are three main types of skin; oily, dry, and normal. Looking at your face should give you a pretty good indication regarding which type you may be. You may notice some areas of your skin being oily while others are dry - this constitutes combination skin.

So which treatments are best for each type of skin? First, let's see what exfoliating treatments are available.

What Are Exfoliating Treatments?

There are two main types of exfoliating treatments: mechanical and chemical.

Chemical exfoliating treatments include Alpha-hydroxy acid (which includes glycolic acid) and Beta-hydroxy acid.

Mechanical exfoliating treatments include body brushes, sponges, and gloves, as well as exfoliating scrubs and Microdermabrasion.

Dive into the chemical exfoliating sea with us for a minute. The difference between AHA and BHA is simple. AHA is a chemical substance that dissolves dead skin cells on the surface, while BHA is good for treating deeper impurities in pores. Both can be found in products to exfoliate your face and body, and both are effective with their own distinct benefits!

So, if you have acne-prone skin, BHA would be your best bet for a chemical exfoliator. If you have dry skin, an AHA, like glycolic acid, would better suit you.

**Note: Using mechanical exfoliation on dry skin can cause microtears, so using a chemical exfoliant is always safer and more effective for dry skin types.

Mechanical exfoliating is best for those with oily skin because it exfoliates the surface layer of your skin without stripping away moisture. An effective mechanical exfoliant is a body brush which you can use all over your body to improve skin texture and radiance.

To successfully get rid of those dead skin cells, one of the best exfoliation treatments you can do for your body is professionally exfoliating with Microdermabrasion. It is a non-invasive treatment that sloughs away layers of dead skin and gives almost immediate effects that would typically take a long time to give, like brighter and firmer skin.

If you have a normal skin type, you have the exfoliating world at your fingertips! Try out a few different styles over a period of time and find which one, or ones, you like the best and provideyourbest results.

Exfoliating treatments will not only invigorate your skin in the short term but also keep it looking young and healthy with regular care! Yes, these outstanding benefits can really help you improve the overall look and feel of your body, which is why every person should be exfoliating....like, yesterday!

You know the treatments available, but how do you exfoliate your skin with them?

How Do You Exfoliate Your Skin?

When chemically exfoliating, you want to exfoliate anywhere between once to three times a week. You apply the AHA or BHA all over your face and then massage it in. Leave the chemical exfoliant on for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Start with small increments, only once a week at first, to see how your skin reacts, and then increase your routine up to three times a week.

Depending on your skin needs and how well-versed you are in exfoliating treatments, read the directions thoroughly before using the products. Some products need to be left on the skin overnight, while you should rinse others off after a few minutes.

When mechanically exfoliating, it is ideal to use a body brush, glove, sponge, or scrub two or three times a week to see optimum results. First, wet your body and then rub the exfoliant all over your skin using circular motions. Once you finish with one area, move on to another until you have covered the whole body. You might even consider trying out different kinds of exfoliants for different parts of your body- one for the face, one for the body. 

Exfoliating Bath Mitt

Remember to be gentle! While you are exfoliating, your skin becomes extra sensitive to pain. If you feel any discomfort during the process of mechanical exfoliation, take a break and try again later.

Also, keep in mind how vital exfoliation is before and after waxing. Before waxing, you want to exfoliate to remove the top layer of dead skin cells so your hair can be pulled off easily. Afterward, advise your clients to exfoliate again about two days afterward and on to avoid ingrown hairs (and ingrown hair cysts- NO ONE wants those) and bumps that can easily happen when there is dead skin on the surface of your skin. 


Exfoliation is a vital part of healthy skincare.

It is essential to always give your clients advice regarding their own home chemical and mechanical exfoliation regimens. Whether using an AHA, BHA, or body scrub, let your clients know what the best things are to use and how often they should use them in order to reach optimal results.

Exfoliating with a body brush, glove, sponge, or scrub two to three times a week for best results is ideal. When using any chemical exfoliants, you must pick out products that won't be too harsh for your skin. Begin small and slow. You can gradually increase your usage and strength as you learn what your skin can tolerate.

Remember to always stay on top of the latest skincare trends and news- Ahem, Nova's Exfoliation Bath Mitt! Having as much knowledge as possible will keep a happy clientele with beautiful, healthy skin!

Nova's Exfoliation Bath Mitt is an easy way for salon owners and aestheticians to encourage healthy self-care and provide exceptional waxing services due to their client's effective exfoliation and improved skin condition. 

Nova's exfoliation bath mitt is available for purchase NOW on our website. Don't be shy - leave a comment below with thoughts or questions you have about our new exfoliation mitt! 

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