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by Allegra Garcia October 15, 2020 15 min read


Choosing the right hard wax for your salon sets the tone for your business and brand. With so many hard waxes on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and determine which one is going to be most beneficial for you and your clients in terms of results AND overall experience. Waxing is not the most painless service to receive, so ensuring that your client has a comfortable encounter with incredible results is important to developing solid clientele. 

With a premium hard wax like Nova Wax, you can trust that your results will be consistent and flawless each time. Our single, hybrid formula eliminates the need to keep multiple formulas on hand to satisfy varying hair types and skin types. Nova works effectively on both fine and coarse hair - so yes, no need to swap waxes for a gal getting a bikini and a brow wax on the same day! In addition to the variability with hair type, Nova is also effective on any skin type! You can expect limited redness and limited breakouts with Nova, even with the most sensitive skin. Nova’s low melting point also makes it extremely comfortable on the skin, and it’s incredible elasticity allows for thin layer applications and has a faster drying time than most hard waxes on the market. Not only are you able to work quicker with Nova, you are also able to maximize your wax usage with Nova’s flawless removal that picks up every single hair. 


You can expect Nova to deliver a stellar experience along with the gorgeous results. The subtle, clean scent of white floral and freesia creates a calming scent that is enjoyable for both the waxer and the client. Upon the application of the sultry silver wax on the skin, your client will immediately know they are basking in the luxury of a premium waxing experience. Also, the pre-service wax meltdown will have you ready to conquer the day - because who doesn’t love melting and stirring silver, glittery wax? 


When Liz Lugo of Brows By Liz had the vision for Nova, she wanted to transform the view of waxing. Instead of being seen as a painful chore you have to get done monthly, Liz wanted to create a movement with Nova Wax that makes waxing an experience you look forward to having. 


While flawless results are an important part of waxing, the overall experience is what keeps people coming back to YOU. The environment you create with your salon will transform their visit from a one-time experience to a monthly occurrence. You are armed with the power of a stellar wax, and now it is time to be sure you are delivering an out-of-this-world experience to match! Professional bedside manner is incredibly important and we went directly to the pros who use Nova every day to share their best strategies for creating a flawless customer service experience for your clients. Thank you to our Nova Esthies who collaborated with us on this - we are so excited to share actual, real life tips from the pros who know what a Nova experience should feel like. 





How does your check-in and visit process flow? 


SYDNEY: For waxing services, I greet my clients in the main area of the studio and then lead them back to my treatment room. From there, I go over the services I have them booked for, and then either leave the room for them to feel most comfortable while they prepare for me to come back, or make sure to let them know what to do for their services with me in the room if it’s a more simple service. I always start the service out on a more task driven note, and end with it feeling more like a conversation. Throughout the service, I make sure to let the client know what I am doing, and make any professional recommendations that might pertain to their service as they arise.


STEPHANIE: Currently with COVID-19 all my intake forms are electronic. I send it to my clients the day before their appointment when I reach out to confirm. If it's a new client they get a new client intake form along with a COVID-19 safety form. A returning client will get the COVID-19 safety form to fill out before every single appointment. I ask that my clients remain in their car and shoot me a text when they arrive and I will call/text them to let them know when I am ready as I have now allotted extended appointment times to account for extra deep cleaning between clients. I have my clients meet me at the door where their temp. is taken and hands doused in hand sanitizer before they enter. I go over their form with them once we're in the studio, and see if they have any questions or concerns. We go over what they're wanting for their wax such as brow shape, how much they want off their brazillian, etc. During the appointment we're usually getting to know each other, catching up, gossiping, etc. It's a fun time. If i'm doing a service such as a lip or chin wax where the client needs to remove their mask, I let my client know when to remove their mask and that we will be pausing our conversation until their mask is back on. Make sure they're satisfied with their service and check them out!

What is the best way to service first-time waxers or new clients to help them feel as comfortable as possible? 


HEATHER: With a first time waxer you want to make them feel as comfortable and confident in you as possible. Make sure to explain what you're doing, what they're feeling is normal and make sure to keep talking. Talking will distract them from the anticipation. Tell them what they should avoid doing after waxing, waxing aftercare and rebooking then make sure to ask them about themselves to create a connection. Also don't hesitate, make sure you're not afraid to touch them. They can sense this and will lose confidence in you


SYDNEY: Form a relationship! Clients will always want their services done, but

creating a relationship with your client when first meeting them will make them that much more likely to come back to you. I always start with general questions that help me get to know them better. For example, I ask what they are up to this coming weekend, and from there, I try to gauge their interests and start up a new conversation and find something we have in common. My other key tip is to have confidence. Go into your services with clients feeling secure and confident in your ability to give them the service they are there for. In my experience, clients love to see that we are knowledgeable and seasoned in our work, and when just starting out, I found that taking a few extra classes and watching videos online about perfecting my services really helped to boost my confidence. Holding your head high and standing tall translates well during a service, and clients will remember that when it's time for a wax again.


STEPHANIE: Totally understandable for a first time waxer to be a little nervous, whether its a teenager coming in for her first brow wax or a client who's had her brows waxed before but never her brazilian. I always personally try to just be friendly and welcoming as well as making my studio look welcoming and cozy. Definitely being able to read a client well will help you out a ton! Some clients respond well to a super friendly bubbly personality and are more of the talkative type, and some do better with minimal talking and not so much of a loud energy. Trying to cater my client service experience to each client I feel like that makes them more comfortable and honestly just walking them through each step so they know what to expect.


DANIELLE: I always try to ease my client's nerves during a wax, especially if they're new to waxing. I like to do this with distraction techniques. I always like to carry on a continuous conversation with them about their plans for the coming weekend or the weather for example, anything to keep them at ease. If they're new to waxing, I like to go over post care instructions and what to expect. If I can tell that the client is nervous of the pain I will ask them to take a deep breath in and then out. While they're breathing out is when I pull my strip. I've had clients say that this works like a charm. And some clients tell me they don't need that technique with Nova wax, because it is less painful.


How can I avoid the awkwardness when waxing intimate areas? 


HEATHER: To avoid awkwardness for first time bikini waxing clients, Make sure they know that you do this all the time. I always say "were all women and have the same parts.”


SYDNEY: When it comes to intimate areas, I recommend acknowledging that sometimes Brazilian waxes are a little out of clients’ comfort zones, and reassure my client that there is nothing to feel uneasy about during a service with me. Sometimes I tell them verbally that they don’t have to fear any awkward tension and that of course my space is a judgment free zone, and other times I just read their body language to find out then that they might be new to more intimate waxing services. If I can tell that they don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to their discomfort, I try to relax them by playing a calming playlist and making my treatment smell extra yummy with a candle. I also find that taking my time with intimate services actually gives the client a chance to relax, I avoid rushing at all costs. 


STEPHANIE: I pride myself especially in my bedside manner when it comes to more intimate services because it's definitely an uncomfortable situation. Again, walking them through each step as you're going but also keeping your small talk going in between to get their mind off of the fact that you're staring right into their lady bits. I understand a lot of women are insecure about how they look below the belt and I've even had clients straight up open up to me about that insecurity and I always always always make sure they know that I am literally the LAST person to judge you on how you look down there. I have one, you have one, they're the same, but also different and beautiful and that's perfectly ok! 


What is the best way to work with clients who have sensitive skin or special skin concerns? 


SYDNEY: Sensitive skin can be intimidating at first when it comes to waxing. I always start my services with a mini consultation, even if I have waxed them before. Sometimes products we use at home can have an effect on our skin's reaction to wax, so I like to find out if my clients have changed their normal routine. If I ever run into a situation where wax is totally off limits and they are too contraindicated for it, I encourage a tweeze, so that we can still aim for those same results without putting them at risk of any reactions or irritations.


STEPHANIE: I have my clients fill out a skin analysis form if it's their first time in with me, if they're a returning client I ask them before every single appointment if they've had any changes in skincare or taking any new medication to make sure I'm covering all my bases making sure they're not using or taking anything that could compromise their skin. Essentially I treat all my clients as if they have sensitive skin by making sure I thoroughly prep the area (ie. powder or oil) and using the best quality waxes.


I made a mistake or messed up! What is the best way to handle a situation that does not go as planned? 


HEATHER: Always make sure you know exactly what you're doing before you start. For brows talk about what they want and show them what you plan to do for first time shaping clients. For bikini waxing make sure you ask if they want to leave anything or take everything. If they want to leave something, discuss what and what size. I use 2 or 3 finger width as a good way of sizing a strip or triangle.


SYDNEY: There is no such thing as a mistake! Everything is a learning process and opportunity. I am still learning new things, and I have been an esthetician for nearly 7 years. When something comes up that you could have done differently, I like to take note mentally and make sure to go over the service again to catch anything else. If there is a situation where the client may notice that I am not on my A game, I like to acknowledge it and tell the client that I am going to double check something or re apply to ensure that their service is exactly what they are expecting and the end result is not compromised. It is much easier said than done, but after the service I really try to focus on moving forward and building confidence, rather than dwell on whatever I felt I could have improved on. The only way for us to gain knowledge and experience is by picking ourselves back up, and moving on to our next service, and giving ourselves a little pep talk with some constructive criticism. 


STEPHANIE: Even as a seasoned esthetician/waxer things are bound to happen that are out of our control. I'm always 100% honest with my clients. Say a client filled out the skin analysis form to the best of their knowledge, isn't on any prescribed skincare or anything with a strong AHA/BHA, etc. everything pretty much points to "Yes, wax me!", you go to wax their brows and then you happen to see a little shiny patch of skin after you pulled off the strip. They lifted. What do you do now? I use to manage a local waxing salon here in Portland, OR where a lot of the girls had issues with how to deal with mistakes like this and would react and kind of make the client feel uneasy. Don't do that. Don't react. Don't say things along the line of "Okay so... Don't freak out but..." Cause what happens now? Your client is sitting in your chair freaking out. What I do and what I would tell my esthi's to do is to relax and use your professionalism and education to be honest with them and to let them know it's not a big deal. Tell them that it looks like their skin has lifted a little bit and that you're going to apply a little bit of neosporin or whatever antiseptic of your choice, and walk them through what they should be expecting within the next couple of days as their skin is healing such has slight scabbing, aftercare, etc. I find that usually when you're just calm, open, and honest with the client that everything runs way more smoothly.


If a client is unhappy with their service, what is the best way to handle it? 


SYDNEY: Unhappy clients are also very intimidating. As estheticians, our goal is to have our clients leaving our treatment rooms looking and feeling their best. If ever I experience a client who is not satisfied, I do anything in my power to make it right. I always offer more of my time to them, whether it be just listening to their concern or actually scheduling them another time to come in to correct my mistake. I have found that in our industry, the client is always right. In some instances, it's better to swallow your pride and go out of your way to get that client to leave with a smile on their face!


STEPHANIE: If I have a client who was unhappy with their service, of course apologize first, then you want to try to resolve the issue as much as possible. Because I am quite confident in my work, I have a week long satisfaction policy- if a client goes home and sees there was something that might be off about their brows for example and it's been within a week of their appointment I let them come in so we could fix them. If they're still unhappy and we've exerted all our options, I would offer a refund. It is however important to make sure you read the situation and make sure people aren't just trying to take advantage of you as well.


How do you build relationships with your clientele to keep them coming back?


HEATHER: Keep conversations professional but don't be afraid to share a little of your life and ask about theirs. You could be just as good as another waxer but it's your personality and connection to the client that will keep them coming back to you. I also offer a referral program and waxing packages. 


SYDNEY: For me, conversation is the best way to get a client to feel comfortable with me, and start building a relationship. I find that clients really enjoy seeing their esthetician, and sometimes treat it as a therapy session. I love finding commonalities between my clients, and myself and always make sure to remember important things that my client shares with me. Sometimes developing a personal connection is hard, but I find that once I make myself relatable to my clients, they feel more comfortable with me.


STEPHANIE:This is probably my favorite part in being in this profession. You honestly become such good friends with your clients and sometimes know more about them than the people in their lives. Something about the chair/bed makes them really want to open up to you. I always say that we're partially therapists because sometimes it's the only space your client feels like they could just take a breath and vent about whatever is going on in their lives, etc. I'm very realistic and understand that sometimes you and a client just don't vibe and that's ok! Honestly, I just try to be as genuine as possible. I can't stand putting on a fake "customer service" personality and being overly bubbly, it almost feels forced and I feel like clients could tell when you're putting on a show. I do feel like my clients come back to me because I keep it real with them.


What information do you share with your clients during and after the wax? 


HEATHER: I make sure with first time clients to go over what to avoid doing after waxing and what to do to prevent ingrown or other issues. I also talk to them about vagacial services and all other services I offer. I tell them to make sure they exfoliate the area 2-3 times per week either with scrub or dry brush and to moisturize with a non oil or shea butter based lotion, I retail an aloe based lotion to hydrate and soothe. As well as to wax regularly to get best results.

SYDNEY: I always share tips on how to maintain good wax standing and habits at home, meaning how to keep them prepped for their next wax and mindful of what they do between appointments. Aftercare and at home care is important, but another thing that I have added to that is to remind my clients that it is okay to see me early if they need to. I find that it helps to remind your clients what to do in preparation for their next visit as well. There is no such thing as too much knowledge, and clients love feeling like they are well equipped and getting the most out of their service.


STEPHANIE:I always try to do my best by walking the client through every step of the service, especially if it's their first time seeing me just so there's no surprises and they can feel more relaxed. If they ask, I'll go over the type of wax I'm using on them and why I prefer certain waxes over others.


What is the best way to upsell or suggest additional services without sounding pushy? 


HEATHER: During first time waxing services i always go over what to do and not to do with aftercare. I explain what could happen if they don't take care of the area and how to avoid that. I tell them the products I have that I recommend them using, how to use them and how often. I don't push products on them just let them professionally and strongly know this is what they need to get the best out of their waxing results.


SYDNEY: The easiest way for me to upsell is by listening to my client. If I hear that she is getting her Brazilian done for a weekend at the beach, I offer to throw in an underarm wax for half off this time to see how she likes it. My hopes from there are that she will love being fuzz free and not having to worry about razor burn, and begin to add that service to her appointments with me. As an independent contractor, I feel that any service upgrade is a good sale. If this means offering a small discount to get my client to try something new, it’s a win for the both of us. Another way I like to encourage a product is to normalize it. Ingrown hair serum is something that I love recommending because I know that any client can benefit from it, and I, myself have seen a huge improvement from adding it to my daily routine. Making clients realize that everyone does at-home care makes them that much more inclined to trying something new. When it comes to selling brow products, I like to show them what to do and how to achieve a fresh looking brow at home on their own, even if it's been 2 weeks since they’ve seen me. From there, they get to asking about the products I’ve used on them and where they can get them! 


STEPHANIE: I offer "combos" which save the client a couple bucks as opposed to booking services separately so I kind of use that to bring it up to them. Like say I have a client coming in for a brow wax and they're concerned about the fullness in their brows, offer to add on a brow tint to the service and let them know how it would benefit them in making their brows appear fuller. Entice them a little with what you have to offer and how it would benefit them instead of making it feel like you're just trying to add on a service. Certain things like trying to add on a lip wax is kind of a touchy subject. You don't ever want to offend the client so when it comes to that I kind of don't even bother unless they bring something up about it. I used to work at a chain salon that would make you be extremely pushy about upselling services, products, packages, etc. I hated it and I could tell my clients hated it too. For me, it has to be something that I feel like would truly benefit them, and it's a service or product that I'm personally passionate about. If they seem uninterested, I drop it.

Allegra Garcia
Allegra Garcia