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What Nova kit is the right fit for you?

by Nova CS April 02, 2020 2 min read


Choosing a waxing kit that’s right for you may be confusing. You might be unsure of the size that you should buy and what makes sense for the type of waxing that you want to accomplish. It all comes down to the following two questions -

  • Are you new to waxing or planning to waxeyebrows, lip, sideburns, or neck?
    If so, the Nova Mini Wax Warmer Kit is for you. It’s also created for people who travel to wax their clients as it is compact and lightweight.
  • Are you wanting to tackle full-body waxing such as legs, arms, back, and chest? If so, the Nova Professional Starter Kit is for you as it is intended for full body waxing.


Made your decision? Now here are the details!


Nova Mini Wax Warmer Kit

Nova Wax - Mini Kit

The Nova Mini Wax Warmer Kit is the perfect solution to at-home waxing. It was created for you to enjoy small waxing sessions with all the right tools. In this kit, you’ll get all the essentials that you will need to start waxing right away.

What’s inside the kit?

  • One durable wax warmer that’s lightweight, portable, compact in size and holds 125 grams of Nova hard wax. This small and powerful wax warmer has an easy to use dial & includes a matching top to maintain the wax at a temperature between 60-65c.
  • One box of Nova Wax 500g which will allow you to fully experience Nova with all types of facial waxing.
  • One hundred 4.5 inch wooden spatulas to give you plenty of waxing sessions.

Nova Professional Starter Kit

The Nova Professional Starter Kit is essential for performing waxing on larger areas at once! It was created for you to be able to take on numerous clients as it contains all the tools for doing just that.

What’s inside the kit?

  • One reliable and quality wax warmer that’s made with only the finest resources. It holds 1lb of Nova Hard Wax and includes an easy pull aluminum non-stick inner wax pot which makes the cleaning process easy. A matching aluminum top will help maintain the consistency of the Nova wax which should be between 60-65c.
  • One box of Nova Wax 1000g hard wax that will allow you to do plenty of full-body waxing sessions!
  • One hundred 4.5 inch spatulas to dip and apply your Nova hard wax.
  • One hundred 6 inch spatulas to get those extra-large areas.


Here's a video of our Nova Wax warmers and the amazing Nova wax!


Whether you are new to waxing or a seasoned esthetician Nova is the brand for you.

Check out our YouTube channel for all waxing demos and helpful advice.

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