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Why You Need An Eyebrow Waxing Kit in Your Beauty Arsenal

by Allegra Garcia March 04, 2021 6 min read


woman sitting on the floor with an at home waxing kit next to her

When thinking about your beauty arsenal, an
eyebrow waxing kit might not be the first thing that comes to mind… but we’re going to tell you why you need one. 

Our new socially-distanced reality has caused a shift in the beauty industry over the past year (time flies when you’re in...quarantine?). Skincare and beauty became trending topics as people had more time on their hands to dive into the products they’re using on a daily basis. 

And let’s face it withour at-home DIY waxing kit, your brows willalways be on point!

 mini eyebrow kit wax warmer with wax tablets inside

If stubborn hairs pop up and ruin the crisp, clean shape of your brows - you can wax ‘em off with ease! Tweezing is asupplement to a brow wax (if necessary, for those difficult hairs) but shaping your brows with tweezers can cause you to tow a fine line… literally. 

Using an eyebrow waxing kit properly will ensure your lines are always crisp and clean! Got a big event in a few days but don’t have time to see your brow specialist? 

Boom… at home brow waxing kit. 

You can do a quick cleanup of your brows in seconds so they’re picture-perfect for the occasion. An eyebrow waxing kit is also great for travel! Your brows don’t need to suffer on vacation, and you’ll avoid having to do research to find a brow specialist in an unfamiliar area. 


upper lip wax application using Nova Wax at-home waxing kit

Your eyebrow waxing kit can also come in handy for waxing other small areas on the face, like your lip or chin. Facial waxing not only removes unwanted hair, but also exfoliates your face for a nice, smooth foundation. Your skincare will absorb into the skin better, since dead skin cells aren’t blocking your pores, and your makeup will lay flawlessly. 

If you are waxing your brows or face with your at home waxing kit, be sure to leave at least 24-48 hours before applying heavy lotions or makeup so your skin has time to recover. 

Waxing vs. Tweezing Your Eyebrows


woman tweezing her eyebrows at home

If you’ve never considered waxing your brows before, you definitely should! Tweezing can be time consuming because of how meticulous you need to be to avoid ruining your brows. Unlike tweezing, you can lay one brow strip and pick up a bunch of hairs at once instead of spending time picking out each individual hair like you would with tweezers. We are all for tweezing as a finishing touch! If you’re used to threading your eyebrows… well, it is not something you can easily do on your own at home. Even when done by a professional, brow threading often leads to breakage instead of a full removal from the root. Waxing removes hair from the root, damaging the follicle for a slower, more sparse regrowth. This means your brows will keep their shape much longer, and you won’t have to maintain them as much.


professional esthetician holding her mini wax warmer for on-the-go services


If you’re a professional esthetician or cosmetologist, an eyebrow waxing kit can change the game for you as well. If you have been curious about incorporating small waxing services to your treatment menu, adding an eyebrow waxing kit to your professional arsenal can help maximize your business! 

Even if you are already offering waxing services, an eyebrow waxing kit can be used for your personal at-home use for your own waxing maintenance! No need to wait for your massive 5 or 10lb warmer to heat up just to clean up your brows, an eyebrow waxing kit will save the dayand save you time. An eyebrow waxing kit also makes for a great travel kit for the on-the-go esthie!


Can I Wax My Eyebrows At Home?

With some research and practice, yes you can wax your eyebrows at home! It is not something to go into blindly, but with the right tips and a quality wax (hint, hint… Nova Wax), eyebrow waxing at home will not be as daunting as it seems.

Nova eyebrow waxing kit photo showing the mini wax warmer, box of hard wax, and some waxing spatulas

TheNova Wax Mini Kit is the best eyebrow waxing kit, and is your secret weapon for flawless at-home brows. The sleek, mini wax warmer holds the right amount of wax to fix up those brows and is compact enough to easily store in your bathroom without taking up a ton of space. The adjustable temperature dial ensures your wax is heated perfectly, and the locking lid ensures you don’t accidentally spill wax on your bathroom floor while it's heating up! 

Your home eyebrow waxing kit also comes with a box of wax and some 4.5 inch spatulas, so you are ready to get waxing the minute your Nova order is dropped at your door.

Some additional tools you may need that will be helpful are:

  • Flat-Rounded Wooden Waxing Applicator - this spatula provides ideal precision when waxing or detailing the eyebrows and other small areas.
  • White eyeliner (or any brow pencil) for mapping and outlining your brows 
  • Tweezer, for stubborn hairs that may be too short for the wax to grasp
  • Spoolies, to brush your brows and gauge the shape
  • An astringent - Liz Lugo likes to useThayer’s Witch Hazel before as a cleanse, and after to soothe the skin
  • Aloe gel orTea Tree Oil Balm for soothing


Is It Bad To Wax Above Your Eyebrow?

woman waxing her upper brow at home

Absolutely not! In fact, weencourage you to wax above your eyebrow! Waxing above your brow helps clean up the shape and make the brow more defined. There are also tiny vellus hairs along the upper brow and forehead that can get picked up with the wax, leaving behind a smoother finish for your brow products. 

We don’t recommend starting above the brow, though, as this area should be left as a finishing touch. Leading with under the brow will ensure a flawless shape, and all that’s left is to clean it up. If you have a spoolie (or any kind of brush attached to your brow pencil), you can brush your hairs up and then to the side, falling in line with the natural movement of your brow, to see if there are any hairs out of place above the brow. 

If you don’t really have stray hairs above your brow that are affecting the shape, you can totally skip this step! If you want to only pick up the vellus hairs, laying a strip a couple millimeters above the brow (where it is not touching the brow line at all) will take care of this. 

How Can I Shape My Eyebrows At Home?

For at-home eyebrow waxing, keeping your shape as simple and natural as possible is the way to go. If you’re not a professional or experienced at DIY waxing, trying to alter the shape of your brow at home can be a potential recipe for disaster. We always recommend seeing a professional (if you can and are comfortable doing so) if you want to do a major change to your brows, and keep an eyebrow waxing kit for maintenance. 

There are a handful of basic eyebrow shapes, and becoming familiar with each one will help you map your brows correctly and see where the adjustments can be made to compliment your features. For more on brow shapes, our blog postNova Perfect Eyebrowscovers brow shapes in relation to your face shape! 

After you’ve defined what your brow shape looks like, you can begin mapping using a white eyeliner pencil (if you have one) or any brow pencil you have. White pencil makes the marks easier to see so if you are using a brow pencil that matches the color of your brows, be sure your marks are visible so you can see where to wax! For a step-by-step brow mapping tutorial from Liz Lugo, check out our post,Before the Brow: Mapping, Trimming, and Tweezing. 

image of brows outlined in white colored pencil to demonstrate a brow map before a brow wax

Mapping your brows properly will ensure that you don’t significantly alter the shape of your brows. When it comes to waxing, less isalways more! Start slow, because you can always remove additional hairs where needed - but you can’t put ‘em back once you’ve yanked them off! 

Your first few DIY brow waxes should be simple, so you can learn the process and become more comfortable with your application. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll feel much more confident and can work on crisper & cleaner brow cleanups! 

Whether you’ve never considered waxing your eyebrows at home, or you’re a consistent waxer trying to figure out how to maintain your beautiful brows in a new social climate, an at-home eyebrow waxing kit will be a game changer in your beauty routine.

image of a woman applying makeup to her brows

For the ultimate finishing touch, you can highlight and set your brows to really make thempop!Yep… you guessed it, we have an article on that too! For Liz’s best practices for highlighting and setting the brows post-wax, check outHighlighting, Filling, and Setting the Brows.
Allegra Garcia
Allegra Garcia