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All Purpose Hard Wax

by Kirstyn Porter July 14, 2023 4 min read


All Purpose Hard Wax

With a ton of different waxes everywhere it can be super overwhelming to shop for wax! Whether you’re new to the game or an esthetician with years under your belt, deciding which wax (or waxes) to buy can also take up a lot of time. Luckily, investing in an all-purpose wax like Nova Wax saves you stressand frees up your schedule.

Table of Contents

  • What is All-Purpose Hard Wax?
  • Benefits of All-Purpose Hard Wax
  • Nova Wax All-Purpose Hard Wax Options
  • Final Thoughts
  • What is All-Purpose Hard Wax?

    All-purpose hard wax is wax that can be used for all things. Yes…you read that right, all things! Everything from Brazilian waxes to eyebrow waxes can be done with all-purpose hard wax.

    All-purpose hard wax can also be used by all people. Just like with all waxes, all-purpose hard wax takes a little bit of experimenting to get used to; but, once you have it down you’ll be able to get pro-level results even if you’re still in school or waxing at home!

    All-purpose hard wax is specifically formulated to effectively remove both coarse and fine hair.Our all-purpose hard wax, which comes in two forms, was created by an esthetician who wanted to simplify waxing without compromising results. 

    Nova Hard Wax

    Benefits of All-Purpose Hard Wax

    Switching to or buying an all-purpose wax for the first time saves you time, money, and space! If you’ve ever gone online to buy wax before you know there are atonnnnof options. Not only are there different sizes, but there are different colors, different forms, different names, etc. 

    It’s really overwhelming to have to click on each different option and read about where it works best on the body, what temperature to melt it at, what skin types it works for…all that stuff!

    Then you end up having to spend more money in the long run to keep multiple formulas in stock for different service areas/different clients…and it takes up more precious storage space. Luckily, an all-purpose hard wax can save you from all that work and eliminate the need and extra costs of strips! 

    Since an all-purpose hard wax can be used anywhere, on any skin type, and has the same meltdown instructions no matter what part of the body you’re waxing, you can invest all of that time you would spend shopping or prepping certain waxes for certain clients into doing other things!

    Nova Wax founder, Liz Lugo  recommends using a slightly warmer temperature settings on the face compared to  body waxing since a smaller amount of wax is used. 

    Liz Lugo

    Liz created the Nova Wax formula to be of the highest professional quality while being effective and easy to use on all service areas. 

    Another benefit of an all-purpose wax is being able to better keep track of your finances and increase your earnings. If you’re a waxer who only buys one kind of wax then it becomes much easier to monitor your inventory, then you can stock up to spend less time worrying about your inventory and overall lower your overhead costs. 

    Plus, once you get working with an all-purpose wax down you’ll no longer have to waste money trying different waxes. 

    Lastly, an all-purpose wax saves you space! Long gone are the days of having respective spaces for soft and hard waxes and a dedicated space for waxing strips when you make the transition to an all-purpose wax! 

    Nova’s all-purpose hard wax is easy to store and only comes in one color, making it easier than ever to design a beautiful room that helps clients take in the luxury. It’s aesthetic goals!

    Nova Hard Wax Microbeads

    The Nova formula is dye-free and it’s silver color comes from ethically sourced mica powder. Our all-purpose formula is made with quality, naturally sourced ingredients making it suitable for all skin and hair types

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    Nova Wax All-Purpose Hard Wax Options

    Are you thinking about switching over to all-purpose hard wax but kinda feel like it may take the fun out of shopping? Don’t worry, Nova has you covered – we still have options even with all-purpose hard wax! 

    Nova Wax comes in two main forms, all-purpose hard wax tablets or all-purpose hard wax microbeads. Of those two forms, the microbeads offer a fragrance-free version, making it 100% hypoallergenic.

    Deciding whether to go with our tablets or microbeads is really a matter of preference, but rest assured that they’re formulated with the same high quality ingredients! 

    Our hard wax tablets come in two box sizes,500g or1000g.

    They are formulated with clean ingredients (rosin-free, aluminum-free, & dye-free) and infused with a subtle freesia scent to provide clients with the ultimate luxury waxing experience. 

    Our hard wax microbeads come in easy-to-pour and store 1000g bags and have two options,hard wax microbeads andfragrance-free hard wax microbeads. The magic of the microbeads is in their micro size!

    For the absolute lowest price per pound, join the NovaPro Portal. This online wholesale waxing supplies portal is open 24/7 so that you can order bulk hard wax at any time. The more you buy, the more you will save!

    The small uniform size allows for a quick and even meltdown. If you have super-sensitive clients or super-sensitive skin yourself, the hypoallergenic fragrance-free beads can give you extra peace of mind. 

    Final Thoughts

    An all-purpose hard wax just might be the perfect solution to all of your waxing woes! It can be used on any part of the body and saves you from having to research and plan.

    Nova Wax

    Not only does an all-purpose hard wax save you time, but it also saves you money and frees up your salon space.

    Our all-purpose hard wax comes in two forms and even has a hypoallergenic option for those with sensitive skin. There’s never been a better time to make the switch to all-purpose hard wax!

    Kirstyn Porter
    Kirstyn Porter