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All About Pre and Post Wax Care

by Kirstyn Porter January 06, 2023 7 min read


All About Pre and Post Wax Care

It’s no secret that waxing is an investment, whether you’re the esthetician providing the service or receiving the service yourself! In order to make the most out of newly waxed hairless skin it’s important to practice goodwaxing pre-care and post-care practices.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Waxing Pre-care
  • Exfoliation for Waxing Pre-care
  • Cleansing for Waxing Pre-care
  • Things to Avoid Pre-wax
  • Benefits of Waxing Post-care
  • Moisturizing for Waxing Post-care
  • Things to Avoid for Post-wax
  • Esthetician Tips for Clients Pre-care and Post-care
  • Final Thoughts
  • Benefits of Waxing Pre-care

    Pre-care for waxing is the best way to make sure the waxing service goes as seamlessly as possible! The benefits ofwaxing pre-care are plenty and information is essential when it comes to making sure you and your clients can team up to make a service top-notch.

    One benefit of properwaxing pre-care is improved ease of application. If you’re already investing in a high-quality wax, likeNova hard wax, you should be familiar with the perfect wax glide.

    You know - that ideal strip that applies at a great temperature and hardly phases the client? Well, proper pre-care actually makes that application even easier because of a clean skin surface. 

    A clean skin surface, which can be achieved by pre-care cleansing and exfoliation, provides an even base for the wax to adhere to. Oil and debris attach to hair follicles and can interfere with the wax application; so, it’s super important to make sure that the skin is clean so wax can be evenly applied.

    On that note, a clean skin surface frompre-care also means that waxing will be more effectiveandsave you money. When the wax is applied and removed from clean skin, the chances of removing every hair in just one pass are much higher! 

    When there’s no oil or debris in the way the wax catches more hairs and fewer passes mean more money saved.Waxing pre-care provides benefits all around! 

    Exfoliation for Waxing Pre-care

    One of the best ways to prep for a wax service is throughpre-wax exfoliation. Exfoliation is important because it can help reduce pain, provides more even results, and improves skin’s overall quality.

    Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface along with oil and debris, making the skin as fresh as possible. Newly exfoliated skin before a waxing service leaves a lot less room for potential pain because the wax won’t cling to uneven skin patches due to things that exfoliation can reduce, like dry patches and oil buildup. 

    Exfoliation also helps prevent ingrown hairs, leading to better post-wax results and an overall healthier skin appearance. 

    Ingrown hairs happen when hair recoils into a follicle and gets blocked. Luckily, exfoliation can greatly reduce the chances of blocking because it essentially scrubs top “blocking” layers away.  

    With exfoliation forwaxing pre-care, we advise exfoliating two days prior to your appointment. Two days are recommended in case skin reacts to exfoliation - educating your clients about how we all have varying sensitivities is key!

    There are a few methods for exfoliating, ranging from high-end chemical exfoliations like acids all the way to DIY physical exfoliating scrubs; but, when exfoliating for waxing it’s important to find an option that won’t interfere with your service results. 

    Ourpre & post wax care bundle includes an exfoliating mitt that is the perfect addition to your pre-wax exfoliating routine.

    Cleansing for Waxing Pre-care

    Like exfoliation, cleansing is an essential part ofwaxing pre-care because it provides an even base. When you’re going to wax a client the first step should always be to properly cleanse the waxing area.

    A good thorough cleanse can help you provide a more comfortable service for your client.  

    Cleansing forpre-wax care with agood cleanser reduces the chances of irritation because of soothing ingredients. The skin is very vulnerable during the process of waxing and a good cleanser provides extra peace of mind. 

    Cleansing forpre-wax care also helps prevent breakouts post-wax. The pores of the skin are exposed during a waxing service, so skipping the cleansing step leaves the skin susceptible to dirt and oil filling the pores.

    A good way to cleanse the skin pre-wax is by saturating cotton rounds and applying them over the area that is going to be waxed. Always be sure to make sure the skin is dry before applying any wax.

    Things to Avoid Pre-wax

    Although it may seem contradictory, pre-care for waxing also consists of things youshouldn’tdo! One thing you should avoid before your wax is using active ingredients in your skin care.

    We all love active ingredients, everything from salicylic body wash to lactic acid face serum; but, did you know they make the skin extra sensitive? When using actives, the skin regularly increases cell turnover, aka new layers shedding.

    While actives can help you reach your skin care goals, they can also really interfere with your waxing service. Skin that has recently been treated with actives is much more prone to burning, peeling, and irritation.

    It is important to skip out on the actives in your routine 3-5 days before your wax to give your skin time to restore its natural barrier. Physical exfoliation is great forpre-wax care, but not chemical! 

    Chemical peels should also be avoided at least two weeks before your service. As an esthetician, it’s essential to collect a client intake form pre-wax just to make sure your client hasn’t had any chemical treatments. 

    Another thing to avoid as a part ofpre-wax careis sun exposure. Like active ingredients, sun exposure makes the skin more prone to damage due to increased sensitivity. 

    The sun can dry out the skin and burn the skin, the last thing you want is to add wax to compromised skin! Make sure sun is avoided for at least 5 days pre-wax. 

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    Benefits of Waxing-Post Wax Care

    Like waxing pre-care, the benefits ofwaxing post-care totally make investing in waxing pre and post care products worth it! One benefit of waxing post-care is overall improvement in skin. 

    Of course hairless skin is smoother to the touch, but properly caring for the skin post-wax with products likepost-wax oil improve the skin from within. 

    Our post-wax oil contains tamanu oil and vitamin e, two ingredients that infuse the skin with rich fatty acids to plump and rehydrate. 

    After waxing the skin is compromised and has the chance to become irritated, practicing goodwaxing post-care ensures an even tone and texture!

    A second benefit ofwaxing post-care is decreased sensitivity. Soothing ingredients found in post-wax care products directly target waxed areas with nutrients necessary for barrier replenishment. 

    Moisturizing for Waxing Post-care

    The most vital step ofwaxing post-care is restoring moisture! The skin is the most sensitive organ and its main function is protection. When waxing, you’re coming for the skins natural protective instinct by applying heat and inflicting pain by pulling wax strips.

    As a result, the skin becomes dry and longs for that once protective hydrated layer.

    Of course, investing in a great wax like Nova is the ideal way to work with the skin instead of against it; but,waxing post-care moisturizing is an extra post-caution. 

    Ourpost wax lotion contains barley extract to help reduce inflammation and irritation. It also contains tamanu oil, which is rich in vitamins that help restore hydration.

    Things to Avoid Post-Wax Care

    Maintaining new fresh hairless skin is a full time job, especially in the sweet spot of time immediately after a wax service. To get the most out of a wax, educating clients on what not to do post-wax is crucial. 

    One thing that should be avoided as a part ofwaxing post-careis wearing tight fitting clothing. Tight fitting clothing, workout pants after a bikini wax for example, doesn’t allow the skin to breathe at all.

    When the skin is unable to breathe and the pores are exposed, (since it was just waxed) there’s a greater opportunity for friction irritation or bacteria growth. Both things can result in raised bumps and can easily be avoided by wearing loose fitting clothing post-wax!

    Another thing to avoid post waxing service is the sun. Waxing reveals underlying thinner layers of skin and sun exposure is too harsh to such delicate skin. 

    Avoiding direct sun exposure, or at the very least laying on the sunscreen, is recommended for at least 2 days post wax.

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    Esthetician Tips for Clients Pre-care and Post-care

    Educating clients and selling post-care products is a great way to make sure your clients know that quality service doesn’t stop in the salon. One way to educate your clients on pre and post care is through a printable reminder. 

    Since there is so much information and a ton of do’s and dont’s to remember with waxing pre and post-care, a printed out card with a quick rundown is a great thing to send home with them. 

    When it comes to selling post-care products, offering take home after wax care products to clients is a great way to boost revenue while also helping build a caring client/esthie relationship. 

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    Final Thoughts

    Practicing waxing pre-care and waxing post-care has so many benefits. Properwaxing pre-care makes services so much more comfortable and efficient. 

    Learning how to exfoliate and cleanse the skin thoroughly with quality supplies and also avoiding harmful things like actives and the sun prior to waxing makes a big difference in results!

    On the flip side, properwaxing post-care helps skin look and feel more radiant. While the skin may be sensitive post-wax, good products, loose clothing, and staying away from the sun are the magic trio for beautifully smooth skin. 

    Showing your clients you care through handouts and offering take home products is the best way to encourage new waxing pre and post-care habits.

    Kirstyn Porter
    Kirstyn Porter