How to Perform a Brazilian Wax Like a Pro

How to Perform a Brazilian Wax Like a Pro

How to Perform a Bikini Wax Like a Pro

Brazilian Waxing is one of the most popular waxing services out there, but they’re also one of the most nerve-wracking for both estheticians and the client. Goin’ bare down there isn’t the easiest, but anyone who’s had a Brazilian will tell you it is definitely worth it. With Nova Wax and a stellar technique - the Brazilian Waxing process will be as smooth as that fresh, post-wax skin.


Nova Wax by Liz Lugo


Nova Wax is the best wax for Brazilians due to its hybrid nature. It is able to grab the thinner hairs along the bikini line, as well as the coarser hair in the pubic area. Since it was formulated for sensitive skin, Nova Wax is a gentle hard wax that goes on smooth and does not irritate the skin. With intimate areas, choosing a wax is crucial as it is a very sensitive area and any irritation is going to be uncomfortable and possibly painful. With Nova Wax, you can trust that your clients will have a uniquely comfortable waxing experience with flawlessly smooth results. Not only is it gentle on the skin, the formula is powerful enough to grasp onto the hair for less passes over the skin. This means you can work more efficiently, and the client does not have to endure so many strips on the skin. Additionally, Nova Wax has a low melting point which makes it much more comfortable on the client’s skin. Nobody likes burning hot wax down there! 


Communication is one of the most important aspects of any Bikini or Brazilian Wax. Communicating with your clients before, during and after the process. Communicating proper pre-care, such as proper hair length and exfoliation will ensure they are in the perfect condition for getting that kitty pretty.  Getting to know them during the wax and keeping the conversation going as you perform the wax will also help you and them feel more comfortable. Additionally, communicating the proper post care, such as proper exfoliation and absolutely NO shaving, will ensure their results stay as flawless as possible. 


Hair Cycles - Nova Wax

Proper education is also important so they are aware of the process. Speak with them about hair cycles and why they are important, as this awareness will help them understand that just one wax may not produce the PERFECT results they could be expecting. The first bikini or Brazilian wax usually removes most of the hair that has grown above the skin, and especially if they have been shaving, these hairs will be in different cycles of growth. Since hair grows in different cycles, the hairs that were sitting just below the skin’s surface during your first wax may poke through shortly after (depending on how quickly their hair grows) and will be removed during the next couple of waxes. After three to four waxes, all hairs should be growing in the same cycle and the results will be more long-lasting. Explaining to your client that waxing is a routine instead of a one-time service will help them manage expectations, and secure you multiple appointments to truly show off your work! How long a bikini or Brazilian wax lasts will completely depend on the hair growth of the client, but a solid timeframe is three to four weeks once there is a solid routine in place. 


For beginners and pros, technique is incredibly important. It can definitely feel stressful thinking that your client is uncomfortable sitting bare for a long period of time, but trust us when we say they will sit through it if the results are flawless! Do not rush, focus more on your technique and laying solid strips. The timing will come with more practice and it's more important to feel confident and comfortable with your process no matter how long it takes. If you have a bad technique,  you’ll just have to do more clean up strips and you may break hairs instead of fully removing them. Don’t freak out if you see blood either, pinhole bleeding is completely normal - it just means you got that root good! Especially with first-time waxers, the roots of their hair are thicker and that thicker hair may stretch the follicle opening, causing it to bleed. 


Cara Edwards - The Vagician

To explain a step-by-step brazilian waxing process, we figured there was no better person to go to than the Vagician herself, Cara Edwards. Cara Edwards (@caraedwardsle) is the owner and founder of Edwards Aesthetics located in Nichols Hills, an upscale suburb of Oklahoma City, and was named the best Esthetician in Oklahoma for the year 2020 by 405 Magazine! Cara’s passion for skin, her work ethic, and dedication to her craft have led her to the success she has today. Cara’s top service is Brazilians, servicing around 10-15 Brazilians a day, 6 days a week, and she is sharing her process with us! Check it out below:

I begin the preparations by having each client place themselves in the butterfly position. I apply a prepil gel with my gloved hand, as I find that napkins, rounds, towels wipe up and/or apply the product unevenly. As I apply the prepil to my clients skin, I examine the hair and concerns the client may have. As the prepil dries I prepare the wax I have selected for the service.


I wax the outer bikini area first on both sides. The outer bikini area is included in the Brazilian service. Starting here first is best for me as women tend to perspire in this area very easily, so removing the hair helps to create my starting point for mapping out the rest of the Brazilian service. I always work from bottom to the top paying very close attention to hair growth directions and to not overlap directions. While the client is in the butterfly position, depending on the direction of the hair growth, I will either apply upward or downward. I will begin at the very bottom, near the table. Removing the hair that is located on the bottom and extends to the outer bikini line.


As you can see, when the bottom portion is removed, I can now begin with my mapping and work my way towards the upper portion of the area. 


I always apply my strips with firm pressure, and if I am able to I will continue to manipulate the wax while the strip is being laid. You’ll see me going back and moving the stick over the wax multiple times, which the viewer of my demos may wonder what I am doing, but if you have ever used Nova Wax you will notice the wax is very easy to manage even while on the skin. The pliability is wonderful!


As you see in the demo you will notice I end my strips in an area I have already waxed. The key for this is, very rarely will I create a lip for my strips, I use my wax stick as a tool the majority of the time. So putting the front of the strip in an area that will be very easily removed for myself and the client is the one of the main points in my technique. This is why my mapping is so methodical and precise. 


As I finish the sides going into the labia, the time has come for the Muns area. What most people refer to as The Mound/ The Top. I cannot stress enough how many times I have critiqued my technique to have the outcome for my clients they now have today. In order for me to successfully remove all hair from the exact middle of the muns area I have to apply in the direction of hair growth down to the already waxed area. PRESSING  the skin taut is most important.



Once the middle is successfully removed, I can now remove the hair on each side. Apply from the outside towards the middle, where I just waxed, removing from the middle towards the outside. Holding the skin taut during application in this area Is something I have found to be very useful!. I DO NOT create one big strip to remove the sides. As the removal would be an uneven removal with my grip. I usually apply 3-4 tips on each side to remove.


I will finish the brazilian area off with any clean up strips. Applying in the opposite direction and with a much thinner, warmer wax. In order to grab warmer wax I will grab from the sides of the wax pot. Wax at a hotter temperature will grab those thinner hairs better than a thicker consistency, and will remove with ease. 


I then complete the service with an all over spray of witch hazel, dab lightly with a cotton round and then select the appropriate post wax care to ensure my clients leave feeling refreshed. 




Why do you like using Nova Wax? 


Nova Wax for me is the best go-to for new clients to introduce them to the service. New clients tend to always have more than enough grow out when coming in for their first visit. Nova Wax’s silky texture and smooth spread makes having a bit longer hair not so bad on the first visit, especially when it comes to my heavy handed application. Adding Nova Wax to my permanent lineup was the best decision I made for my business. I was able to offer a formula for those who are sensitive.


Why is Nova Wax a great wax for Brazilians? 


Not only is Nova gentle on the skin, it is strong enough to tackle each kind of hair - from the coarse hair on the labia to the thinner hairs on the bikini line. One wax that can do it all! 


Using Nova around corners and more rounded areas of the body has never been easier. The tendon on the bikini line has also never been easier as well as providing a client full booty cheek waxing. With its pliability there are no aggressive rips, only confident removals.

What temperature should I have my warmer at for a Brazilian or bikini service?


The temperature can vary, the important thing to remember when waxing a client is to observe the hair prior to waxing. For regular to coarse hair, Nova Wax will need to be a honey like consistency. If you are able to create a lollipop with your stick and still be able to apply your wax across the skin, your temperature is perfect. For regular hair (on the face) to thin hair, Nova Wax will be better applied with a slightly warmer temperature to ensure those hairs do not break upon application. This goes for the thinest hairs in the bikini line and Brazilian area. 


What advice do you have for people starting out with waxing?


My best advice for new waxers, new users, and new views of Nova Wax is to always use a new product on yourself first. Use the product in an area you are able to see clearly from start to finish. Become familiar with the formula prior to making the commitment of going in blind, even if it's your eyebrows. Each formula of wax is different and deserves the time and attention to be learned.

What can I do to make sure a client feels comfortable during their bikini or Brazilian wax? 


If a client is a first time visitor I use that entire time to fully get to know him/her. I am genuinely interested and want to know all about them. I will ask them about prior waxing services they have received in the past, if any. Spending the rest of the time asking them how they expect the visit to go. I also go over how the 2nd visit will differ from the first visit as far as discomfort and growth.  


Constant communication, eye contact, allowing them to tell you a story of any sorts while allowing yourself to be engaging and proactive in your service can really comfort your client. Letting your personality and professionalism shine will make your client feel more at home. 


For recurring clients, I ask them how they are, how their job is, how their children are. Whatever current events are, I want them to speak to me. I care about my clients, some are my friends. But to some I can be that ear for them when they need someone to just ramble on to. The comfort factor is already established, maintaining their hair removal schedule is all that's left.”


How did Brazilian waxes become your signature service? 


I am not a modest person. I also love to compliment others on anything I can to give them a boost or reminder how great they are. I find giving a Brazilian to a client is very similar. It involves trust, very much like accepting a compliment from someone. When I have been given the trust from a client to take care of their intimate areas, I also feel just as empowered. To be responsible for the smile of his/her face at the end of that service. 


When Nova was finally announced, I couldn’t want to experience the quality and performance. I couldn’t wait to be able to perform a Brazilian and show what patience and dedication looks like. Liz SMASHED every expectation I could have set. Nova is simply out of this world!


What tips do you have on how to prepare for a Brazilian wax and how you can take care of a brazilian wax when it is complete?

Exfoliation with a natural hair brush in the shower days before the service, and the same everyday after the service. My point I try to make to my clients is, they already wash the area I wax for them in the shower anyway, replace the loofah with the brush. No hard pressing, no hard scrubbing, just normal pressure against the skin daily is enough to rid the skin of dead skin cells that trap new hair growth. No oils, No lotions, no creams, unless recommended by me. 

Exfoliating is something so important to me and it's the only step I demand of my clients.




  • I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well. So According to my opinion that is a great article about Brazilian Wax. Good Job!

    sSugaring House & Spas
  • Thank you for the informative video. The service performed so well and in a very relaxed manner. Would be nice to see your technique on larger ladies, with lots of skin and folds.

    Iryna Tyutyunnyk

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  • I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well. So According to my opinion that is a great article about Brazilian Wax. Good Job!

    sSugaring House & Spas
  • Thank you for the informative video. The service performed so well and in a very relaxed manner. Would be nice to see your technique on larger ladies, with lots of skin and folds.

    Iryna Tyutyunnyk