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The Complete Brazilian Wax Guide

by Kirstyn Porter February 17, 2024 2 min read

The Ultimate Brazilian Wax Guide

Brazilian Waxing is one of the most popular waxing services out there, but they’re also one of the most nerve-wracking for both estheticians andclients. Goin’ bare down there isn’t the easiest, but anyone who’s had a Brazilian will tell you it is definitely worth it.Luckily, doing aBrazilian wax canbecome easier and more comfortable with some knowledge and suggestions.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Brazilian Wax?
  • Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini Wax
  • Benefits of Brazilian Waxing
  • Preparing for a Brazilian Wax
  • How to do a Brazilian Wax
  • What Type of Wax is Best for Brazilian Waxes?
  • Performing a Brazilian Wax on Clients Tips
  • How Much Does a Brazilian Wax Cost?
  • Performing a Brazilian Wax at Home Tips 
  • Final Thoughts
  • What is a Brazilian Wax?

    A Brazilian wax is a hair removal technique that was made popular in Brazil in the 1970’s. When full thong bikinis became popular on Brazilian beaches, the desire to remove all wanted hair “down there” did too! 

    ABrazilian wax results in a completely hairless genital region, from front to back. 

    Brazilian Wax vs. Bikini Wax

    A Brazilian waxremoves all hair from the inner thighs to the full pubic area and behind. A bikini wax removes only the hair from the sides and top of the pubic area. 

    A good way to differentiate aBrazilian wax from a bikini wax is to think of bikinis. In Brazil, the thong-style bikini shows everything and therefore aBrazlian wax removes everything. In other countries, bikinis are typically thought of as covering a larger portion of the vagina/buttocks and therefore a bikini wax only removes hair visible while in a bikini (the outside seams of a bikini). 

    Benefits of Brazillian Waxing 

    Once you get consistent with your Brazilian waxes, you’ll be able to go about 3-4 weeks in between appointments. SinceBrazilian waxing removes the hair from the root and doesn’t just cut the hair down like in shaving, the hair grows back much slower. 

    Another benefit of Brazilian waxing is less ingrown hairs! It’s no secret that one of the most common areas to get ingrowns is the pubic area. The hair is typically more coarse and shaving frequently irritates it. The pores in the area get easily clogged due to unavoidable sweat buildup and friction between skin and clothes when doing any kind of movement. 

    Although Brazilian waxes do lessen your chances of ingrowns, the area is still extremely sensitive and prone to irritation. Good pre and post-care products, like those found in our bundle , can help reduce that irritation greatly. 

    Kirstyn Porter
    Kirstyn Porter

    Preparing for a Brazilian Wax

    It’s normal for your client to be totally nervous if it’s their first time getting aBrazilian wax or even if they’re a seasoned Brazilian client! One thing that really helps with pain reduction is informing them of a good preparation routine. 

    For women, scheduling with your menstrual cycle in mind is key when it comes to Brazilian waxing. The week leading up to a period and during a period people are much more sensitive to pain due to a lower pain tolerance.

    A second thing you can tell your clients to do in preparation for the wax is to take an Ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory an hour before the service. 

    Another important preparation step is exfoliation. Clients should exfoliate at least 24 hours before the wax to make sure any dead skin cells are lifted to lessen the pain and to extend the smooth results! 

    Doing a Brazilian wax can be pretty overwhelming! On top of it being very intimate, most of the times you’re aware your client is expecting to feel pain. Once you learn about tips and techniques to perfect yourBrazilian waxing, however, the service becomes as routine as others. 

    The first thing you want to do is adequately prep your client. Use your pre-care product of choice and make sure the entire area, front to back, is cleansed and dry. 

    Then, position your client in a way that is comfortable but also allows good visibility. The most common position for this is butterfly, where the client’s feet are touching with open legs that fall to the sides resembling a butterfly. 

    Some estheticians also like to do Brazilians one side at a time in a “4” position, with one leg bent with a resting foot on the opposite thigh and the other leg extended straight, because it allows the client to feel less vulnerable. You can experiment and find out what works best for you!

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    How to Do a Brazilian Wax 

    Cara Edwards - The Vagician

    To explain a step-by-step brazilian waxing process, we figured there was no better person to go to than the Vagician herself, Cara Edwards. Cara Edwards (@caraedwardsle) is the owner and founder of Edwards Aesthetics located in Nichols Hills, an upscale suburb of Oklahoma City, and was named the best Esthetician in Oklahoma for the year 2020 by 405 Magazine! 

    Cara’s passion for skin, her work ethic, and dedication to her craft have led her to the success she has today. Cara’s top service is Brazilians, servicing around 10-15 Brazilians a day, 6 days a week, and she is sharing her process with us! Check it out below:

    What Type of Wax is Best for Brazilians?

    The best type of wax for Brazilian waxes is hard wax. Hard wax is best because usually the hair on the bikini area is coarser and therefore multiple passes with wax are required. 

    Nova Wax is the best wax for Brazilians due to its hybrid nature. It is able to grab the thinner hairs along the bikini line, as well as the coarser hair in the pubic area.

    Since it was formulated for sensitive skin, Nova Wax is a gentle hard wax that goes on smooth and does not irritate the skin.

    For a limited time, try Nova Wax Microbeads for 25% off + get FREE 2 Day Shipping. Use code NEW25.

    For intimate areas, choosing a wax is crucial as it is a very sensitive area and any irritation is going to be uncomfortable and possibly painful. 

    With Nova Wax, you can trust that your clients will have a uniquely comfortable waxing experience with flawlessly smooth results. Not only is it gentle on the skin, the formula is powerful enough to grasp onto the hair for less passes over the skin.

    This means you can work more efficiently, and the client does not have to endure so many strips on the skin. Additionally, Nova Wax has a low melting point which makes it much more comfortable on the client’s skin. Nobody likes burning hot wax down there! 

    Nova Wax by Liz Lugo

    Another reason why hard wax is recommended for Brazilians is pain reduction. The bikini area is typically very sensitive and hard wax is much better than soft wax when it comes to pain! 

    Shop our hard wax here. 

    Performing a Brazilian Wax on Clients Tips

    There’s nothing normal or comfortable about stripping down in front of a stranger and trusting that they know what they’re doing. As estheticians, it’s our job to put clients at ease, especially when performing a service like a Brazilian wax where clients are physically vulnerable and oftentimes afraid of the pain. 

    One thing that can be very helpful with helping ease pain is asking your client questions. Questions can range from “Does it help if I countdown,” to “Does it help if I explain what area I’m moving on to next?”.

    Asking questions like these breaks down a barrier between you as an esthetician and the client. It allows the client to feel like they have some control and knowledge about the process and therefore they become more comfortable asserting their needs, like asking for breaks, to help reduce pain.

    Much like asking questions, creating a dialogue with your client can really help the process. As estheticians it’s not only important to have good conversational skills to build relationships with clients; but, talking can also be great to help calm nerves. Talking allows the client’s mind to stray away from the pain. (pro tip: if there’s ever a lull in conversation — people love talking about their pets!) 

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    Proper education is also important so they are aware of the process. Speak with them about hair cycles and why they are important, as this awareness will help them understand that just one wax may not produce the PERFECT results they could be expecting.

    Hair Cycles - Nova Wax

    Explaining to your client that waxing is a routine instead of a one-time service will help them manage expectations, and secure you multiple appointments to truly show off your work! How long a bikini or Brazilian wax lasts will completely depend on the hair growth of the client, but a solid timeframe is three to four weeks once there is a solid routine in place. 

    How Much Does a Brazilian Wax Cost?

    On average, the price range for a Brazilian wax is $50-100. Of course, this is dependent on where you live and checking with the salons in your area is a good way to get a better idea of an exact price point. 

    Brazilian waxes have proven to be one of the most lucrative services for estheticians to perform. After the initial Brazilian fears are gone, clients come back again and again when the service is done well. 

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    Performing a Brazilian Wax at Home Tips

    Whether you’ve mastered the service on clients and want to try it on yourself or you’re just looking to save some money, performing a Brazilian wax at home is definitely possible. 

    One thing that’s really helpful when it comes to successfully doing one is having a professional wax warmer that will keep the wax at an optimal temperature. There’s nothing worse than having wax that’s way too hot, especially in an area that’s extremely sensitive like the bikini area. 

    Another thing that really helps when learning how to do a Brazilian wax on yourself at home is having a good mirror. Most of the areas you wax during a Brazilian are very hard to see so getting in front of a mirror is a great way to make sure you’re not missing any major areas! Good visibility also helps you with making sure your strips are being spread smoothly and evenly. 

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    Final Thoughts

    Brazilian waxes are like esthetics folklore! Although everyone can tell you a story about their first Brazilian wax, getting familiar with the service as a whole makes it much less intimidating. As an esthetician, it’s super important to help put your clients at ease as much as you can with things like conversation or explanation. 

    When it comes to going fully bare down there preparation is key. Letting your clients know that exfoliation and strategic planning will reduce their pain is a great way to score repeat clients.

    We here at Nova definitely recommend our premium wax formula for all of your Brazilian needs.