Before the Brow: Eyebrow Mapping, Trimming, & Tweezing

Before the Brow: Eyebrow Mapping, Trimming, & Tweezing

Eyebrow Mapping, Trimming, and Tweezing

Creating the perfect brow is truly a form of art! There are many variations of brow shapes out there and while that may seem daunting, Brow Mapping is your sure-fire way to nail the best brow each time. Since no brow shape is one-size-fits-all, Brow Mapping is the perfect blend between using the natural shape of the brow along with personal preference to create the brow that fits the shape of the face flawlessly. Everyone is unique, so your brows should be too! You can have the best formula out there (Nova, of course) and a killer technique, but proper preparation before the brow wax is crucial to deliver the best results. So let’s map out what you need to do…


Once you’ve analyzed the general shape of the brow, you will use the nose as a point of reference to make your three key marks: the Start, Arch, and Tail. Liz recommends using a white pencil to make your marks, as it helps the points of reference stand out and the pencil marks are easy to remove once you’re done. 

To define the start, line your pencil up with the uppermost part of the nostril (fun fact: this part of the nose is called the Alae) and lead it straight up to the brow area. 

To determine where the arch will hit - you’ll have your client look straight ahead (this is super important!) and create a diagonal line with your pencil, starting from the tip of the nose and crossing through the pupil until it intersects with the brow. 

To finish it off, you’ll mark the tail end of the brow by aligning your pencil with the outer bottom of the alae and the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil hits the brow from that angle will mark the tail. 

Nova Wax


Trimming is vital to creating a crisp, well-defined brow - but it is not always necessary. Ensure that you only trim the tips of the brow hairs to make everything even, as over-trimming can lead to choppiness (nobody wants sparse and patchy brows!). For brows that need trimming, continually brush them through and gradually trim where needed. For those with not a lot of length to their brow hairs, skip it! It is perfectly normal for some people to not need trimming. Remember, you can always slowly remove hair as you go but you can’t add it back once it's off! 


For the little stragglers, tweeze ‘em away! Make sure to hold the skin taut, as this prevents hair breakage and that oh-so-painful pinching of the eyelids. For those with finer hair, pull slower to avoid breakage. 

You’ve got the map ready, now you’re ready to begin your brow waxing journey!



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