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How To Trim Eyebrows Like A Pro

by Nova CS June 30, 2021 6 min read


How to trim eyebrows


Darkened and shaped beautifully, ancient Egyptian brows were focused on for many different reasons aside from simply viewing it as the beauty necessity today. Nowadays, if our makeup is spot on, but we forget to trim and shape up our brows, our unruly brows will take center stage. 

It’s incredible how much one aspect out of all our facial features can make such an impact. For example, when done correctly, your brows can give you a mini facelift within minutes - who doesn’t want that?

All of which makes education on how to trim eyebrows like a pro so significant! 

Keeping your brow in perfect condition and shaped accordingly for your facial features requires a few aspects:eyebrow mapping, trimming, waxing, tweezing. Before you do anything, take some time to find the brow shape you want that best fits the shape of your face. 

We all know how vital waxing our brows is to shape them up, but is trimming really necessary?

Should You Trim Eyebrows?

You should ABSOLUTELY trim eyebrows! Eyebrow shaping and maintenance is not just about hair removal. Trimming is essential for giving your brows their fullest potential and completing the entire look. 

No one ever wants to look in the mirror or back at a picture only to see a whole bunch of straggly hairs sticking up and out in every direction! 

In between your waxing sessions, you more than likely want to keep up the clean, freshly waxed look...so you head right for those tweezers, right? Please, NO! 

Tweezing hairs between your wax appointments isn’t recommended since this can affect the growth pattern of your hair, prolong the time frame you can get your next waxing, and even cause you to lose the beautiful shape of your brows by plucking just one too many. Never shy away from telling your clients this! They won’t know or follow the advice unless you explain why it’s so important. 

So how can you keep the impeccable look between waxes if you’re not tweezing those hairs in between? Trim, trim, trim. 

Keep an eye out each week for any hairs growing past the brow line and keep them trimmed to keep up your shape. Your look will never skip a beat between appointments, and your clients will be happy with their look every time they come in and leave your salon. 

What about when your clients come in for their appointments? Should you be trimming their brows pre or post-waxing? 

Should Trimming be Done Pre or Post Waxing?

During waxing appointments, or if waxing is done at home, trimming is best done pre-waxing.


Long hairs that haven’t been trimmed or groomed before waxing can get in the way of the wax and end up being removed on accident. These accidentally removed hairs might be located in the middle of the brow rather than in the line designated for hair removal and could cause patchy spots. 

So, let’s say you want to give your clients the 411 on how to trim their eyebrows like a pro between appointments, or you’d simply like to learn how to trim your brows yourself. 

We’ve got you covered!

How to Trim Eyebrows Like a Pro

Woman getting her eyebrows trimmed

The first step to trimming your brows involves acquiring your supplies. 

The number one tool you need is a spoolie!

Spoolies are basically the same kind of brushes you find in your mascara without the mascara on them. These brushes are useful for grabbing all those tiny hairs and guiding them in the direction you want. 

Next, you will need eyebrow scissors. That’s right, EYEBROW scissors. Generic scissors or scissors with upward curves will not do. We want small scissors with long, thin, straight ends that give precise cuts. The scissors themselves can be straight or slightly angled. 

After you grab your spoolie and scissors, begin the brushing process. The pivotal detail here is to remember naturalness. If you were to brush all the hair along your eyebrows straight up and then cut simultaneously, this wouldn’t look very natural, and may end up leaving spotty, uneven sections. 

How To Brush Your Brows With a Spoolie

The hair closest to the bridge of your nose, called the head of the eyebrow, generally does stick straight up, so brush those hairs straight up with your spoolie. 

For the body of the eyebrow, the middle section that includes the arch area, you still want to brush up, but then slightly brush at an angle in the direction you would want your brows to naturally sit to avoid a direct blunt look. 

More often than not, you generally don’t have to trim the tail of your brow, but you can follow the same guideline of brushing up and slightly in the direction the brow follows to trim the most evenly. 

So now that you’ve brushed, how do you trim?

Eyebrow Trimming Guide

How Do You Trim Your Eyebrows With Scissors?

When using your scissors to trim, keep these points in mind:

  • Always trim with the scissors in the direction of your brow. NEVER TRIM DOWN INTO THE EYEBROW. Following your brow line with the scissors is best practice.
  • Trim your eyebrow hairs individually instead of all together. If you trim altogether, there is risk of trimming some too short and some too long. Trim one at a time to create an even, natural, homogenous look. 
  • Don’t go trim crazy!! If there aren’t any long hairs, or you are trying to grow out your brows, avoid trimming for now. Re-assess the following week to look for any unwanted long stragglers.
  • You can always trim more; you can never put back hair, so as you are trimming at home, take it slow. Don’t rush the trimming process or do more than you are comfortable with. Even trimming a few wild hairs will help your brows be on point each time you step out! 

We can’t forget about our men now. How do you trim eyebrows on men?

How To Trim Eyebrows For Men

Similar to how you would trim a woman’s eyebrows before shaping or waxing, how you trim a man’s eyebrows would follow the same line of reasoning. 

Trimming up a man’s eyebrows can create a more “put-together” and cleaned up look, and it only takes a few minutes! 

Since men’s brows are generally thicker and have a larger quantity of hair, a small comb will do rather than a spoolie. If your male client or friend/spouse has thinner eyebrows a spoolie will work best. 

In the same fashion as mentioned above, brush the hairs upward and in the slight angle the hair will lay. This will show any longer individual hairs to be trimmed. Use scissors to then trim the hairs to create a more even and uniform length. 

Using a trimmer is an easy way to thin out the thickness of the brows. If you were to use scissors, there is more risk of cutting unevenly and creating patchy brows, and no one wants that! 

How do you use a trimmer?

How to Trim Eyebrows With a Trimmer

If you are going to thin out your brows with an electric trimmer, please, please let it be an electric eyebrow trimmer! If you think you can do it with a beard trimmer, you could potentially shave off all your brows by accident- talk about a disaster. 

Choose your electric trimmer and put on the guards supplied. Before you actually turn it on, run it along your brows with the grain (in the direction the hair grows) and gauge how much hair it will take off. This will help you determine which guard to use and if you are ok with how much hair will be removed. 

Once you decide, turn it on and again, along the grain, move the trimmer against your brow. You don’t want the brows to be sparse, so don’t go trimmer happy! We are simply looking for a trimmed-up polished look. 

Voila! Perfectly trimmed brows and happy clients, happy friends, happy YOU! 

In Summary

Trimming brows is not just for women. Whether you are man or woman, everyone loves having their brows in tip top shape. As a focal point of the face, we understand why! 

Waxing eyebrows is always an important step for our ladies out there, but trimming during appointments and even between appointments is just as important.

With our steps and tips listed above, you’ll feel confident how to trim your eyebrows like a pro and how to explain to your clients how they can be pros and polish up their brows on their own. 

Nova CS
Nova CS