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Creating a Clean Brow

by Nova CS February 13, 2020 1 min read


As a professional and licensed esthetician, it is your duty to beautify your clients. Brow shaping, filling, waxing, and trimming is a form of art.

Think of yourself as a skilled artist. Your client is the canvas and you are paid to perform a stunning transformation on their most prominent part of their body - their face!

Being experienced and confident in successfully completing brow services is a talent. Using the right products makes performing your waxing sessions easier and that’s why Nova was created.

Nova is a radiant hybrid formula that makes waxing enjoyable as it is effective on all skin and hair types as well as sensitive skin.

Here is another great brow video by Liz Lugo who shares her brow art with you all.

Watch the video below:


Get Nova today so you can start creating breathtaking brows!


Nova CS
Nova CS