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Histamine Reaction and Solution

by Nova CS January 09, 2020 2 min read


Histamine Reaction and solution - Nova Wax

This is a topic that is talked about quite frequently in the world of wax. You will have clients that will sometimes get a histamine reaction, it’s ok, no need to freak out. Let’s talk about how you would handle the issue when it does arise.


Your client will most likely have a negative response once they see their skin after being waxed - it happens. Stay calm. When this occurs what you need to do is fully help them understand what a histamine reaction is so that they understand what’s happening to their body.

To get technical - histamine is a compound of the immune and neurological systems, it’s found in cells throughout the body. Histamines induce swelling and produces a red color on the skin. When the skin is affected by trauma, allergy, or infection, histamines boost blood flow to the sensitive area as an inflammatory response.

In short - the act of waxing shocked the skin and the body’s natural defense mechanism is coming to the rescue.

At the end of the day, we are humans experiencing human things - it’s a part of being a human!

histamine reaction and solution - nova wax


Post-waxing redness can either be smooth or bumpy - however, both are normal. The reaction should typically last anywhere from 24-48 hours so let them know.

Nova Wax is formulated with the highest quality polymer and rosins to be gentle on the skin and cause minimal redness and irritation. After waxing your clients, we recommend using either Starpil’s Post Emulsion lotion or for more sensitive skin - Starpil’s Post Epil Acid Cream which is specially formulated to speed up skin PH level recovery after waxing. Oat extracts help restore skin moisture levels while relieving potential irritation caused by waxing.

For at-home care, we recommend anti-histamines like Benadryl or Hydrocortisone cream that help bring the reaction down quickly after a waxing service. If your clients would like to opt for something more natural, lavender essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce redness and sensitivity.

We will be releasing pre and post products within the next few months so stay tuned but in the meantime...




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