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Q & A - Nova Wax

by Nova CS January 16, 2020 1 min read


Hey guys! It’s that time of the month where we answer your top questions that might be helpful for others. Here are a few recent questions and simple answers to further help you in your waxing career.

What’s the perfect temperature for Nova wax?

Nova wax performs best in a Nova wax warmer so if you are using our warmers it’s best to keep the temperature at 65-70 for a full pot, or 60-65 for a half-pot. If you are using a warmer other than a Nova warmer, the temperatures may vary. Please take into consideration the temperature of your salon as this affects the consistency of the wax as well.

Can Nova be used for full-body waxing?

Nova was created by Liz Lugo who specializes in brows so she created it for that purpose but it’s great for all-over body use. The Nova formula is highly effective and can be used for hair removal on any desired body area. It’s creamy, consistent, and can be applied to even the most delicate, sensitive areas. You can expect smooth, lasting results that leave the skin exfoliated and glowing.

Is Nova effective on all skin types and hair types?

Nova is a hybrid wax with the intention to be used on all hair and skin types. No matter the hair, no matter the skin, Nova will produce successful results. It’s gentle, potent, and reliable! Your clients will love their results.

Thanks for reading, hope this Q & A was helpful!


If you haven’t tried using Nova for your hair removal needs, today is the day.




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