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How to Properly Pull Nova Hard Wax from A Nova Wax Warmer.

by Nova CS March 05, 2020 2 min read


Properly Pull Nova Hard Wax

There is a method to the madness! Your technique and wax consistency are key to waxing which you have to master to be the best at your craft.

First things first - you need your Nova Wax Warmer temp to be between 60-70 as you want your wax to be at a honey-like consistency. If your wax is runny or too thick then your temperature is off and you need to work with your warmer alongside the room temperature to get your Nova wax to the right temperature. Patience, I get that you want to start waxing right away, but waxing is a form of art and you need to do it right! Consistency is key to waxing and having successful waxing sessions.

Now, when you are performing facial waxing I recommend pulling Nova Hard Wax from the sides of your Nova Wax Warmer pot as the wax on the sides is slightly hotter than the rest of the pot. Why is that? Since the wax is slightly hotter it will adhere to the vellus hairs on the face- grabbing them and getting rid of all of them.

When you are waxing large areas I recommend pulling Nova Hard Wax from the center of your Nova Wax Warmer pot as the wax in the middle is slightly cooler giving your wax grab a thicker texture to apply with. It will just allow you to grab more wax at once so you can handle the large area with one application.

When scooping Nova Hard Wax, take a gumball size amount out of your Nova Wax Warmer and twirl it to keep the wax from dripping. Now if your twirl motion isn’t getting the Nova Wax thicker with each turn then your wax is too hot! Some of you have reached out saying that the wax is breaking or not working properly but that’s not the wax’s fault. I hope you get that. If you are facing issues with Nova Hard Wax not working to its best ability it’s simply because your technique is off and you don’t have the wax at the right temperature. Take a moment and read the blogs on this site and reevaluate your strategy.

Nova Hard Wax delivers only if you are completely confident in your craft and have the temperature and technique
down to a T.

Get Nova Hard Wax and a Nova Hard Wax Warmer and give your clients smooth, long-lasting results with a hybrid polymer wax that exfoliates and mesmerizes at the same time.



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