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How to properly handle Nova

by Nova CS February 27, 2020 2 min read


Having the right wax consistency is crucial to a successful waxing experience. You want to make sure your wax is at the right temperature so that when it’s applied it is not too hot, not too runny, and not too sticky. You need to have your wax at a honey-like consistency so that it performs to its best ability.

Nova Hard Wax Removal

Let dry fully. In the meantime, lay other strips and try to avoid repeating the same application style that didn’t work prior. Once you FIRST see that the strip is seemingly gummy and not removed with ease, do not tug at it repeatedly. You will end up with a ball of wax at the tip of your strip, if not the entire thing. This is very painful for the client. let it dry all the way before trying to remove it. make sure your grip is STRONG on the end of the wax strip. Use the space between your thumb and pointer finger to get a good grip. Pull quickly and swiftly PARALLEL to the skin to avoid hurting the client. Straight back, not up, not down, not any other way but swiftly, parallel to the skin.

Having Clean Edges

Adequate AND equal pressure throughout the entire strip lay. If you don’t curve your wrist towards to end to make a swoop motion, chances are you won’t get the bound even edges you are looking for.

Doing It Right

Nova Wax is applied either very thinly or very thickly depending on the waxing service that you are doing. It’s best to try to achieve an in-between where you won’t waste too much wax but yet you’ll still achieve effective results.

For one, you don't want a strip that's so thin that you can't pull it off quickly all at once.

For two, you don't want a strip that's so thick that when you try to swiftly remove it, it pulls back because of its tackiness.

The temperature needs to be on point! Make sure your range is between 60-70 max. You need to have a thick enough consistency to where you are able to manipulate the thickness of your strip. This way Nova wax will successfully dry and remove without pull-back. For guidance, you’re trying t have a thickness of about a nickel.



Nova CS
Nova CS