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Lower Leg Waxing for Dry Skin

Nova Wax

Dry skin is usually not ideal for waxing since the gentle exfoliation involved in the waxing process has the potential to leave the skin more susceptible to dryness. Additionally, waxing dry skin can lead to breakage in the wax which can be painful when it comes to removal. Dry skin is usually genetic, however, other environmental factors can lead to temporary dryness as well. For our Nova Babes that are out west, like Liz herself, you know the Summer can be exceptionally dry! For those of us that love to hit the pool to cool off from the heat, chlorine can also dry out your skin. 

If you have dry skin, it may sound like waxing is not your thing. Do not fear - at Nova Wax, we don’t discriminate on your skin type! We created a wax that can be used on all skin types - including sensitive. Our creator Liz Lugo has dry skin herself, and is here to walk us through her leg wax routine - from prep to finish! 

Exfoliation is a hot topic within the industry, as there are usually a lot of different recommendations when it comes to this as a pre and post wax step. Everyone’s skin is different, so it usually comes down to personal preference. Listen to your skin, and pay attention to what your skin reacts well to! A lot of the waxing process is trial and error, so do not worry if it is taking a bit of time to find a process that works for you. Liz recommends that you do not exfoliate immediately after the wax (waiting 24-28 hours is ideal) however, a light exfoliation every day is usually ok. 

Liz begins her leg wax process with a light exfoliation. You can shower before your wax, however if you do not have time you can do a light dry exfoliation. Liz likes to use her Supracor Exfoliating Mitt as it is naturally antifungal and antibacterial and is wonderful for stimulating the lymph system. Dry Brushes are also another great tool for dry exfoliation. No matter what tool you wish to use, always be sure to use gentle movements so you do not irritate the skin. 

Dry skin needs a little extra hydration pre-wax so the wax can perform effectively. Dry skin tends to absorb the moisture of the wax once it is applied to the skin and this causes the wax to dry out very quickly. This brittle texture can lead to cracking and will also make the wax difficult to remove without breakage. To combat this, Liz likes to apply a small amount of oil to her skin to create a more forgiving base to work with. The legs will soak up this extra hydration leaving behind a nice, smooth surface for the wax. This way, the wax will focus more on removing hair than exfoliating the skin. Oil should be used sparingly as too much oil will cause the wax to roll on the skin. 

Now that you’re exfoliated and have prepped the skin with oil, you are ready to wax! Liz keeps her1lb Nova Wax Warmer set to 65 degrees but remember that room temperature and body temperature can affect the wax - so pay attention to the consistency more than anything. Larger areas require more wax and the more wax you use, the hotter the warmer will get so adjust your warmer accordingly. A tacky consistency that is still pliable is ideal - anything that is too cool and too thick will not spread easily on the skin.

The legs are a larger area so it can definitely be tempting to lay large strips to speed up the process. If you are a beginner waxer, it is much better to take your time and lay smaller strips to get comfortable with the process. Faster does not always mean more effective! The ultimate goal is to remove hair as painlessly as possible and large strips that aren’t applied correctly can do more harm than good. Slowly work your way up to larger strips as you progress, and soon you will be a large-strip legend!

Once your legs are completely hair-free, apply some moisturizer! Continue to exfoliate your legs post-wax, but wait at least 24-48 hours from the completion of the wax. Light exfoliation and moisturizing every day will be the best way to maintain those soft, smooth legs! 

Nova Wax will be releasing pre and post products soon so stay tuned! 



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