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Premium Kits by Nova | Pamper Me

by Nova CS September 30, 2021 6 min read


pamper me at home kit by nova

As skincare professionals, we are pretty privileged to get to use the most luxe and extraordinary products on our client's skin, and we use them to pamper others every day! At a certain point, though, you have probably thought to yourself, "Who's going to
pamper me?"

We know why you would feel like that!

We tend to always buy the best products for our clients, spend hours using them on others, tirelessly give them guidance on getting their best skin possible while pampering them with amazing treatments (especially out-of-this-world waxing treatments!)

But, you can't forget about YOU! You deserve to pamper yourself too!

And for that exact reason, we here at Nova want to give you the finest, and most deluxe Pamper Me At Home Wax Kits you can get during a season where you are always thinking about others.

Not only are these kits fantastic for pampering yourself, but…


Hello, easy gift giving!!

Think about it. No more wasting time thinking about the perfect gift; we've provided it for you! It's a guarantee all the ladies in your life are going to swoon over these luxurious, top-quality products they get to use in their own homes.

Ok, so we're putting our money on a bet that you really want to know what are in these kits by now. But, before we get to all the details, let's think about what pampering ourselves entails so you can see how these Premium Kits perfectly fit the role of pampering yourself and others.

premium hard wax kit by nova wax

Pamper Me Meaning

Pamper me basically means indulge me, spoil me, take good care of me. Pampering yourself takes you from the everyday level or taking routine care of yourself to treating yourself with things you don't usually do and gratifying yourself.

For instance, we are talking about doing something extra special for yourself, like getting a spa treatment you love, buying and using some unique products for your hair, skin, nails, or treating yourself to an incredibly popular skin treatment that you normally might do for someone else but rarely ever have someone do for you.

I'm sure you've got a few "pampering day" ideas tucked into that hat of yours. Well, get ready because we're going to add one more that you'll more than likely move to the top of your list.

Pamper Me Premium Kits

Introducing Nova's newest bundlesPremium Hard Wax Kits! These kits guarantee you’ll be pampering yourself more often! With a few options available, you’re bound to find the perfect kit that fits your needs and one for the needs of your friends and family. 

That’s the absolute best aspect of these at-home kits! 

What if you or your family and friends will only be using Nova’s wax to wax small areas? Choose the Premium Kit with our mini warmer and smaller amount of Nova Wax! 

Maybe they’re already experienced with waxing themselves at home and like to wax both small and large waxing areas; you have the option to choose the Premium Kit with a full size warmer and larger amount of wax! 

No matter which kit you choose, your friends and family are guaranteed to be pampered with the salon-quality products inside of them.

Nova’s wax is amazing for its versatility of waxing all over your body, so exploit that with your at-home kit for even your fellow estheticians that have yet to try out Nova’s creamy and luxurious wax. 


premium mini hard wax kit by nova wax

Don’t neglect pre and post-waxing care as well. Our Premium Kits include these necessary waxing items! For instance, our Cleansing Gel is perfect for preparing the skin for waxing and cleansing to get that seamless hair removal you are looking for.

Our post-wax Hydrating and Smoothing Lotion to “seals the deal” after your flawless at home wax. Look at that, you’ve got another item in this bundle to be excited for!

Don’t miss out on the all-around hydrating oil that is useful for pre and post-waxing. Our Dual-Action Oil is the perfect addition for anyone who struggles with dry skin constantly or just on occasion. 

Ultimately, we’re saying you have quantity and quality with these Premium Kits! Pampering is different for everyone, and we know how challenging it can be to buy a one size fits all gift when most of the time, one size really doesn’t fit all! Which is why we included both mini and larger sized kit options. Choose what fits your needs and the needs of those you love. Not only will you be giving an amazing present, but you’ll be gifting one that shows thoughtfulness throughout. 

woman with soft smooth legs

How Nova Can Pamper YOU

Let's be honest. You wax clients probably five days out of the week at a minimum. You wax everything on men and women from head to toe with the finest Nova wax in your salon only to see them leave your treatment room with the largest smiles and a little extra sway in their step from the confidence boost a fresh wax will give you.

Now, be honest, when did you last use Nova wax on yourself? When did you set aside an hour to wax everything you wanted and give yourself that extra confidence boost?

If you had to think that long about it, it's time to pamper yourself!

Pampering can take on many forms, and if you're like us, we like to pamper ourselves with a little bit of everything!

However, starting your "pamper me" moment or day with the creamy and luxurious nova hard wax will no doubt set your entire pampering endeavor off to the perfect start. With a luscious feel to the wax, a superlative hair attachment, and gentle pull, Nova's wax is bound to leave you feeling like hair removal royalty!

It's sometimes jaw-dropping how much a fresh wax can do for your morale. The clean, renewed feeling you get from taking care of your own needs and acquiring that silky smooth skin is enough to make you feel like a brand new woman!

If you will always give your clients the best of the best, why wouldn't you give yourself the same?

Why Is It Important To Pamper Yourself?

Quite frankly, the day and age we live in supply us with too many stressful days to count. We're left physically, emotionally, and mentally drained trying to keep up with the day-to-day struggles.

Self-care during these moments of stress does wonders to help manage our stress. In fact, pampering oneself and giving yourself the self-care it needs is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. With less stress, your sleep habits improve, you can maintain healthy relationships with others, you are happier, and your health and immunity remain stronger!

Pampering isn't just a matter of indulging from time to time because you want to, but rather pampering yourself is actually an essential part of keeping you emotionally, mentally, and physically refreshed, renewed, and energized.

Pampering doesn't need to be expensive either! You shouldn't even need to leave your house to get some of the best pampering available...*cough*Nova's “Pamper Me” Premium Hard Wax Home Kits. It simply needs to be something that allows you to take care of yourself, be a little kinder to yourself, and maybe indulge in something you're not able to do regularly.

Now, think of your loved ones- friends and family- that have had some really stressful times lately. Do you think they could benefit from pampering themselves at home a little too? Maybe, you might even want to have a "pamper me" day together!

During this gift-giving season, think how happy they will be to pamper themselves with a luxurious product they might not ever get for themselves. ThePremium Mini Hard Wax Kit is an ideal present for even your overly-worked co-workers! Your thoughtfulness will pamper them in one way, and then once they use the products, they'll be pampered again.

Don't simply tell them, but show them how important they are and gift them an at-home kit too! You'll be everyone's favorite gift giver this year!

In Summary

Pampering yourself doesn't have to be a luxury, but it should feel luxurious.

In fact, it can reduce stress and anxiety levels while boosting your mood and health. 

Pampering yourself shouldn't be an afterthought, and frankly, it shouldn't be something that is always last on your list!

Self-care should be a priority because it's the time you take to renew yourself that helps you keep up with all the struggles life brings.

Nova's newPremium Kits makes it easy to indulge yourself in the comfort of your home with one of the highest quality waxes on the market. Just look at it! Nova's wax doesn't just feel luscious on your skin, but it looks like a tablet of rich, sparkling silver!

The Premium Kits are created to give you everything you need in one sweet bundle for one of the best waxes you'll ever get. With first-class products in all of our bundles, you'll be eager to pamper yourself and even offer pampering for your friends and family during this season. 

So, don't wait! These kits are flying off our shelves. Pamper yourself today while you give the gift of pampering tomorrow.

Nova CS
Nova CS