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Can Exfoliating Gloves Improve Your Skin?

by Allegra Garcia October 29, 2021 6 min read


can exfoliating gloves improve your skin?


There is little to match the luxurious and silky feeling your skin gets from a fresh exfoliation. There are loads of exfoliation techniques and products available, butexfoliating gloves top the charts with effectiveness and ease of use.

Why do we say that?

Well, between our skin-obsessed staff and clientele, we've got lots of backup when we say we have the most incredible exfoliation glove out there, and the results it produces are flat-out terrific!

But what's the excitement over an exfoliation glove compared to, let's say, an exfoliation brush? What are the pros, and what good will it do for your skin?

Let's take a peek…

Why Use An Exfoliation Glove?

Many people don't know that when you use a loofah or washcloth, you're not really getting all the dirt and oil off of your skin.

You need to use a scrubbing glove often in order to get the grime off of your skin and keep it from building up. Exfoliating gloves allow for a deep cleanse due to their textured fabric, which is why it's one of the most successful methods for clearing your skin of pollutants.

We all know exfoliation is a vital aspect for achieving the best wax possible, too! Exfoliating before a waxing appointment and a few days after the waxing and on helps keep the skin smooth and hairless for longer, with less chance of ingrowns (but we'll get to that later).

This is one reason why we have it as an add-on it to our waxing kits.



Usingexfoliating gloves is also very easy, making it one of the most used ways to get a deep clean for your skin at home. All you have to do is wet the glove with warm water, apply some body wash or soap, and scrub a-dub-dub.

Having a glove accessible to us while we shower also helps prevent us from forgetting this crucial skincare step and saves us time since we're exfoliating and doing our regular washing like we would in the shower or bath.

2 in 1!

Plus, they're small and easy to carry with you.

Why would this matter?

Travel is a necessary part of work for many. Whether it's plane trips or road trips, packing up an exfoliating glove is much more convenient than worrying about scrubs that could spill in your suitcase or a large brush that is heavy and takes up lots of space.

When it comes to executing our exfoliation needs, exfoliation gloves are the first choice for many.

But there are many to choose from, so which do you pick?

Which Exfoliating Glove Is Best?

Nova'sExfoliating Bath Mitt is the best exfoliating glove!

Here's why:

This Bath Mitt has a honeycomb design that gives just the right amount of exfoliation. Without being harsh on your skin or too gentle, it provides just the right amount of exfoliation for any part of your body!

It exploits anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which is a massive upside because none of us want to use something on our skin that harbors bacteria! Its unique design and the material it's made of also invites a quick drying time, perfect for preventing mold and mildew growth.

This bath mitt supplies you with exfoliating options as well. You can use it with some soap for a rich lather and exfoliate while cleansing or you can use it for dry brushing. By dry brushing in an upward fashion towards your heart, this bath mitt is excellent for helping release toxins and stimulating lymphatic drainage.


best exfoliating glove


Who knew one mitt could do so much?

You're sure to go crazy over this mitt as all of us have with just one use. Even for ones with sensitive skin, this glove is perfect for not being too abrasive or causing unnecessary irritation.

Since you are using the glove, you control how much pressure you apply to exfoliate just the right amount for you.

This is perfect for men too. Since more abrasiveexfoliating gloves aren't recommended for the face, the material our glove is made of makes for a gentler exfoliation. For our men who need to shave their face due to thicker and coarser hair, gentle exfoliation from our mitt can be beneficial for smoother results and help prevent ingrown hairs that men are often prone to. Gently exfoliating before shaving once to twice a week can significantly improve the skin's texture on the face.

This is why we choose Nova's Exfoliating Bath Mitt as THE BEST!


Do Exfoliating Gloves Really Work?

Yes! Exfoliating gloves really work and give a thorough exfoliation.

Why do exfoliation gloves work so well?

Exfoliating gloves are the ultimate skin treatment; they're one of the best ways to deal with blackheads and acne.

By using an exfoliating glove, you can adequately remove dead cells that clog pores which in turn prevent blackheads from forming.

These gloves are also great for removing dirt, oil, and other impurities, which are the leading cause of acne. Gloves effectively remove dead skin cells on the surface of your skin while getting rid of clogged pores.

Regular exfoliation with gloves will help treat whiteheads and blackheads and encourage the growth of healthy new skin cells. It can also reduce inflammation and redness. It won't be an overnight job, but the effects of exfoliation gloves will make your skin smoother and healthier with consistent use.

Exfoliation gloves are also perfect for skin prep when about to get aspray tan. As any seasoned spray tanner knows, exfoliation is vital for achieving an even tan from the start and helping it fade evenly (no blotchy, spotted tans here, please!).

Exfoliation is frowned upon a few days after the spray tan, but gentle exfoliation is recommended as your tan fades to, again, assist with an even fade. Gloves give you the option of applying light pressure. Without using bristles, you also help avoid disasters like bristle marks if you accidentally and forgetfully exfoliate immediately after your tan.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Exfoliating Gloves?

While usingexfoliating gloves, always be gentle to avoid unnecessary irritation, especially if you already have sensitive skin.

Use a gentle cleanser with it, one your body is already used to, and only exfoliate once or twice a week. This gives you adequate time to see how your skin reacts. Using an exfoliation glove on some can be done multiple times a week, and for others, only once or twice is adequate and enough.

If you have really dry skin, avoid scrubbing too hard, as this can make matters worse.

No one wants you to go on an exfoliating frenzy or use a scrub with the exfoliating glove!

We never want to be harsh with our skin. Gentle exfoliation is enough to scrub off the dead skin cells, help regenerate new cell growth, clean and clear out impurities, and prevent clogged pores.

Additionally, the way to get the most out of a whole-body exfoliation with a glove is to start from the bottom of your feet and work upwards. This aids in better circulation.

If you follow our tips and guidelines above, you'll be sure to have an exfoliating session using your glove that is both effective and pleasant and brings you the results you are searching for.

Do Exfoliating Gloves Work For Ingrown Hairs?

Absolutely yes,exfoliating gloves work wonders for ingrown hairs. Not only are they an effective method at treating current ingrown hairs, but they also play a key role in preventing them.

How so?

Exfoliation, in general, helps to prevent ingrown hairs by removing the dead skin that can lead to it. By sloughing off this top layer, you also shed the dead cells that could clog the pore, preventing hair from growing up and out of the follicle. If the hair is blocked by an accumulation of dirt, oil, or dead skin cells, it will curl back and grow downwards, never leaving the skin.

If exfoliation is a consistent part of your skincare regimen, ingrown hairs can most certainly be prevented! Using your glove in the bath or shower, like mentioned before, makes it very easy to keep up with this routine and keep your skin clean, clear, and ingrown hair-free.


In Summary

Exfoliating gloves are a crucial component of your beauty regimen. While you may be used to other forms of mechanical or chemical exfoliation, gloves are a supreme choice to use on a regular basis.

Because of their gentle and practical approach to exfoliation, gloves are a convenient way to slough off the dead skin cells from your body and also provide you with a deep clean of excess dirt and oils.

Taking good care of your skin with a regular exfoliating glove treatment can really help improve your skin's appearance and health. Using a glove is a simple and easy way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

Try implementing Nova's new bath mitt into your regular regimen to see what kind of results you can get and enjoy! You won't regret it!

Allegra Garcia
Allegra Garcia