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Why Choose Nova Wax?

by Kirstyn Porter October 20, 2023 4 min read


With many different options out on the market with wax, choosing a wax that works for you and your needs is an important decision! 

Whether you’re a self-waxer looking to ditch the razor or a seasoned esthetician taking the next professional step with learning to speed wax, our Nova Wax formula was created with you in mind. Come as you are and Nova will lead you into the world of luxury waxing.

 The Nova Wax Story

One of the things that makes Nova Wax so special is its origin story. As mentioned before, there are a ton of waxes on the market…waxes you can buy at your local drugstore, waxes that are made by big corporations with no real interest (aside from financial) in the space, and even homemade waxes. 

Unlike all of these waxes, our wax was born out of passion.

Founded by Liz Lugo, accomplished esthetician and owner of Brows by Liz, Nova Wax creates its own lane through its unique ability to be used anywhere on the body. 

Liz knew that the waxes out there could be better. They could be used more places, used more easily, and used to make a luxurious experience. 

To create this wax she envisioned, Liz traveled to Spain and worked with chemists to emphasize details and create the most out-of-this-world wax to redefine luxury waxing.

The Nova Wax Formula

TheNova Wax formula is designed to adhere to all types of hair, from fine facial hair to coarse bikini line hair. It can be used on any part of the body, 

The special blend of mineral-oil-based clean ingredients makes it ideal and safe for any skin type. 

With Nova Wax, you can rest assured that naturally dry skin, excessively oily skin, and all skin types in between can all achieve the same glowing hair-free results. 

No details were left out when creating the Nova Wax formula, with special attention spent on things like meltdown time in order to get the perfect application temperature in the least amount of time possible. 

Every waxer knows how difficult it is to gauge temperature and the risk of burning your own skin or your client’s skin can make the process very anxiety-ridden. Luckily, working with Nova Wax lessens that fear due to the way the formula binds together.

The consistency remains ideal for waxing and the temperature remains as low as possible, which makes contact with the skin upon application seamless and the process of removal effective.

Nova Pre & Post Wax Care

We also carry an array of products designed to complement our unique custom made formula. One of our best sellers,our pre & post care bundle, contains three products that you’ll never wax without again!

The first product, our cleansing gel, helps make the skin ideal for waxing. It removes all skin clinging bacteria with astringent ingredients like willow bark and with hazel, making the wax adhere to even the peskiest of hairs even easier.

The second product, our post wax oil, is unlike any other waxing product out there because of its dual action ability! Before waxing, it can be used to seal in additional hydration for your skin. You can say goodbye to wax cracking or breaking upon application.

After waxing, it can be used to seal in the moisture typically lost through the waxing product through its moisture binding properties found in ingredients like vitamin E and tamanu oil. You get double the benefits with just one product. 

Our final product, our post wax lotion, helps soothe any irritation that happens during the waxing process. Luckily, Nova’s sensitivity safe wax formula is already designed to work with the skin to prevent inflammation; but, waxing is skin trauma regardless! 

The barley extract and tamanu oil blended lotion provides a cooling sensation, perfect after repeated exposure to hot wax. The natural acids found in both ingredients combined with the vitamin E promote healing and accelerate the skin’s rebuilding after natural exfoliation during waxing.

Together, all three products prolong the results of your new hairless touched by Nova skin! Why not make the most out of all of your hard work and help yourself or your clients rock that smooth skin for as long as possible?

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Hypoallergenic Options Available

One big thing we value at Nova Wax is commitment to providing options.

While our finely floral scented products help set the mood in the studio for the ultimate  luxury waxing experience, we also know how sensitive some people are to fragrance!

To help everyone have access to the amazing Nova Wax formula and Nova Wax products without suffering from allergic reactions, we also proivde hypoallergenic formulas

Our hypoallergenic formulas were created to provide peace of mind for anyone who doesn’t react well to fragranced products. They contain all of the same ingredients as our original formulas without the added fragrance!

For some people, scent irritation can happen just by being in the room with scented products and developing a headache. For others, irritation bumps can happen right when the first strip is layed down or later that night in the form of bumps at home.

However serious your scent reaction is, we have you covered.

Currently, we offer hypoallergenic non–scented product alternatives forour original microbeads,post wax lotion, andpost wax oil

Nova for Licensed Estheticians & Pros

Since Nova Wax was designed by a professional esthetician, we always will have a soft spot for the amazing professionals who work tirelessly to run successful businesses! 

It’s important to us to give back to our esthethics community by offering an exclusive discount program,NovaPro

NovaPro will help you reduce your overhead costs by buying wholesale waxing supplies in bulk. 


NovaPro offers estheticians big savings with wholesale waxing supplies and bulk wax, reducing the price per pound & quantity.  All Nova Pro orders in the US ship free.

We also help you save on shipping, as all NovaPro orders placed in the lower 48 United States ship for free!

One of the best features of NovaPro is our 24/7 online portal, which allows our professionals to order supplies at any time of day or night. 

Joining NovaPro is simple and the benefits are endless! All you have to do is submit your license information to us on our website. 

Want to learn more on how Nova can help your ROI for your business, schedule time with our licensed Product Specialist here.

Kirstyn Porter
Kirstyn Porter