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by Nova CS May 07, 2020 2 min read

With so many different wax brands out there, don’t you wonder, what’s the best bang for my buck? Nova is all about VALUE!

It’s a luxurious hybrid hard wax with many beneficial elements. It may not be the cheapest wax on the market, but it certainly is the best!

Here are the top reasons why Nova is professional quality unlike any other. 



Liz Lugo is a wax genius! Her reputation as being a hard wax guru is something to write home about. She has mastered the craft of waxing and brings an incredible product to you that’s proven to give consistent results. Her success in the beauty industry makes her a reputable source when it comes to choosing and creating superior products. With the help of a European wax creator, she combined the properties that she found to be effective and created a unique hybrid wax that is Nova. She stands by Nova and encourages you to take the Nova challenge to experience the silver, stunning, and seductive wax for yourself. #lizlugoapproved @browsby_liz



Nova is formulated with natural quality ingredients that exfoliate the skin and leave long-lasting results. It’s a high-end polymer blend that’s elastic, gentle on the skin, and works wonders on sensitive skin types. Nova is a stripless hard wax that’s created to simplify your waxing experience and produce flawless hair removal results. Not only is it’s radiant color absolutely mesmerizing, but its honey-like texture assures even application and precision. You get a valuable product that’s priced at its quality which leaves you with satisfied repeat clients. #thenovadifference


Our blog provides tips, tricks, and useful waxing information to guide you to be the best esthetician in the industry. You can always reach out to Liz and DM our Instagram account if you have questions and we will address them in a timely manner. Consistency issues? Application difficulties? Temperature problems? Say no more - we are here to help!

Here is a video of Liz showing a simple and effective leg wax:


You can order Nova products globally! That’s right, we offer international shipping which allows you to use Nova products wherever you may be. We want to give the gift of a luxury hard wax to every professional esthetician out there. Your success matters to us and we want our incredible wax to complement your skill so we made Nova available in (almost) every country. You should have access to a great product that will enhance your waxing experience.

Choose the best!



Nova CS
Nova CS

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