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Can Waxing Be Painless?

by Kirstyn Porter June 08, 2023 6 min read


Is there such a thing as painless waxing?We hate to break it to you but unfortunately, waxing isn’t completely painless. The good news is that waxing doesn’t have to be really painful, either. Especially when you choose Nova Wax!

Pain during waxing is completely subjective and varies from person to person. Some people have a high pain tolerance and think waxing feels more like a “sting” or a “pinch” and wouldn’t associate those words with “pain.” People with more sensitive skin are the ones most likely to feel more of a pain sensation with waxing. If you’re sensitive, don’t freak out just yet! Any sensation you feel with waxing is usually very quick, and shouldn’t linger behind too long.

Table of Contents

  • Does Waxing Hurt the First Time?
  • How to Make Getting Waxed Less Painful
  • How to Make Waxing Clients Less Painful
  • Best Painless Wax
  • Final Thoughts
  • Does Waxing Hurt the First Time?

    Getting waxed for the first time can be really stressful! A lot of times in the media it’s depicted as some scream-worthy pain so It’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable with the anticipation. 

    Can waxing be painless?

    Of course, pain is subjective and thankfully the beginning of your waxing journey is typically the “worst part” and it only gets better after that! 

    As time goes on your skin will not only build a tolerance to waxing; but, you’ll adjust to the sensation you feel and most likely will get to a point where you don’t associate that feeling with “pain.” 

    How To Make Getting Waxed Less Painful

    If you are looking for a way to reduce or minimize the pain of waxing, here are our top tips:

    • Practice Good Pre and Post Care - ExfoliationExfoliation is a necessary preparatory and maintenance step in the waxing routine, and can also help with ensuring the wax goes as smoothly as possible. Exfoliation will help with removing the dead skin cells on the surface of your body which will make the wax much more effective. Dry, flaky skin can cause hard wax to crack and break on the skin, which leads to a painful removal. Exfoliation will also help with removing any dry skin that is blocking your pores, so the hair can have a cleaner removal from the follicle. You can exfoliate in a number of ways, both chemical and physical. 

    We recommend ourpre-wax cleanser because it has exfoliating ingredients that remove those dead skin cells.

    Physical exfoliation is equally important. Read all about the importance of waxing pre & post-careHERE.

    • Take a pain relieverIbuprofen (not aspirin) can potentially help minimize waxing pain - we recommend taking it 30 to 60 minutes before your appointment for the best results.
    • Plan accordinglyWe recommend not waxing right before a big event, or when you have plans to be in the sun. Your skin needs time to recover after a wax and exposing your sensitive, freshly-waxed skin to the free radicals of the world can prolong the pain you experience from waxing. It is the same with makeup and products on the skin right after a wax - these can clog pores leading to irritation and inflammation. We definitely do not want to experience painAFTER the wax, so planning properly will help immensely with this.Periods are also not an ideal time to get waxed. Can you get waxed on your period? Sure! But if you consider yourself sensitive to pain, we’d advise you to wait. The body is much more sensitive around your period, so waxing right before or right after can lead to you feeling more pain than normal. We consider the “danger zone” to begin around 5 days before your period. Your pain tolerance is typically higher a few days after your period, so we recommend a few days after as the “safe zone.”Of course, periods are a natural body experience and can be unplanned or not totally on a schedule. Like we mentioned earlier, youcan still get waxed when you’re on your period - just be prepared that you may feel the pain a bit more. If you are not waxing yourself and have made an appointment with your esthetician, be aware of the cancellation policies and stay communicative! Your esthetician will probably be more than happy to reschedule your appointment with enough notice.
    • Start SmallIf you are new to waxing and waxing yourself, start slowly! Begin with an area that has tougher skin and isn’t as sensitive, like the legs or arms. Let your body get a feel for the sensation so you can build the confidence to work your way up to more sensitive areas like the underarms and the bikini line. It is not ideal to have a Brazilian wax as your first ever wax experience, as this is one of the more painful services and it will totally scare you from waxing anything else ever. If pain isn’t really an issue for you or you’re very bold, feel free to go for it!
    • Take Deep Breaths!
    Breathing is key with waxing! You can always ask your esthetician to do a countdown. If it’s a 1-2-3 countdown, breathe in on the second count and exhale on the third. It’s a great distraction and can do wonders if you’re sensitive. 

    Nova Wax mini wax warmer kit

    How to Make Waxing Clients Less Painful

    • Make Your Space ComfortableWaxing can be a lot for some clients, especially if they’re getting services like Brazilians that require some nudity. A lot of us estheticians got comfortable in beauty school just doing services on one another left and right, so it’s easy to forget that for a lot of clients it can be pretty intimidating! One way to help clients be less tense is by making your space more comfortable. You can do this by infusing the space with essential oils, turning on soothing spa music, dimming the overhead lights, and buying linens that are soft to the touch - making the place feel as homey as possible helps clients really relax which in turn makes waxing more tolerable for them.

    Read:How To Perform a Brazilian Like a Pro

    • Practice Good Pre-Care and Educate About Post-Care

    Making sure that the skin is properly cleansed ishuge when it comes to waxing and pain reduction. Wax very easily clings on to debris or oil on the skin, which can make the tugging sensation some experience even worse. Making sure that the skin is properly cleansed makes for an easier application and more seamless removal. Educating your clients about proper post-care is also essential because it will help them prior to their next appointmentandkeep things like ingrown hairs at bay. You can even carry ourpre & post care bundle in your salon and make it available for purchase.  

    • Invest in High-Quality Products

    Buying the best quality products matters, especially with something like waxing. Proper equipment, like high-quality warmers, may cost you more upfront but it’s absolutely worth the investment. The last thing you want is your wax not heating up properly, which can lead to broken wax, burns, and exacerbate any pain experienced during waxing. Investing in high-quality wax also makes a world of difference with pain.

    Best Painless Wax

    Nova Wax is the closest to painless waxing as you’re going to get! If you want to invest in high-quality products to make waxing as painless for yourself or your clients then we recommend ourhard waxing kit. 

    It has all of the essentials for the least pain possible waxing, complete with pre & post care, a high-quality warmer, good ingredient hard wax, and waxing accessories. 

    As we mentioned earlier, hard wax is much gentler on the skin than soft wax. Choosing to use hard wax over soft wax is going to be your first major step toward a more tolerable waxing experience!Nova Wax is a hard wax crafted with the best ingredients - ensuring it is not only gentle on the skin but effective in removal as well (a one strip wonder, as we like to say!).
    applying wax on leg

    We asked our Nova Community how they describe the feeling they get after removing a wax strip - is it painful? Stinging? Pinching? This is what they had to say: 

    screenshots of answers saying the wax is painful but short-lived, or more of a stinging sensation

    Final Thoughts

    As much as we’d love to tell you that waxing can be completely and totally painless, it’s just not the truth! Unfortunately, ripping hair from your follicles does come with some sort of sensation -whether it’s considered “painful” or more of a “stinging” feeling. There are steps you can take to minimize the pain of waxing, and the best step you can take is choosing the right wax formula.Nova Wax is gentle on the skin and produces excellent results - a TOTAL win-win! With the right wax formula and our tips for success, waxing definitely doesn’t need to be a miserable experience. What’s beauty without a little pain, right? The sensation, whether painful or not, usually only lasts a few moments and the silky-smooth results you feel afterwards makes it all worth it.

    Kirstyn Porter
    Kirstyn Porter