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Highlighting, Filling and Setting Brows

by Allegra Garcia July 23, 2020 3 min read


Applying the perfect finishing touch to a freshly-waxed brow is the best way to take your brows to the next level. Highlighting and defining the brows are crucial to make the shape really pop. You worked hard to create a clean, crisp brow - now it’s time to show it off!

The technique Liz prefers is a soft, natural look. This is because her clients are usually bare-faced (thanks to propercleansing!) and bold brows on a makeup-free face can look a bit crazy! Filling in sparse areas with a brow powder creates a subtle look that gives the illusion of a naturally full and healthy brow. 

The first step in transforming your brows is highlighting the brow bone. Liz uses Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlight Duo Pencil in the shade “Sand.” Keep in mind that a little product goes a long way! Applying too much highlight to the brow can weigh it down, causing a heavy cakey look that we definitely want to avoid when creating a soft, natural look. The purpose of the highlight is to give the brow that extra pop that compliments the beautiful shape you just carved out. 

Once you have blended out the highlight you can begin filling in the brows. Liz prefers to use brow powder to fill in her brows, however, if you are working on yourself a brow pencil is much easier to use as it gives you more control - especially useful if you are a beginner! Liz prefers brow powder because there is a lot more flexibility in customizing the color. Not every brow that comes into your studio is the same, so powder allows you the ability to blend out several different shades to create the perfect color match. We recommend using an angled brush with the right amount of stiffness to apply the brow powder, as this is the best way to deliver those crisp, clean lines. Using a brush that is too thick or too soft will create a blowout effect - which is not something that fits our natural vibe! 

When you start filling in the brows, it is best to begin at the arch of the brow. This is usually the area that lacks the most hair growth. After starting at the arch you can begin working your way towards the start of the brow. Avoid filling in the brows within the body, as there is usually plenty of hair growth and definition in this area and adding product on top of that will create a very dark and heavy brow look. Focusing on the areas that require more definition - like the arch, tail, and the peak - are more important and will really make that shape pop! While you are working, it is important to continually blend the product! It is never a good look to see harsh lines and uneven shading, as this can make your beautifully-waxed brows look patchy. 

To finish the look, apply a lightweight brow gel to set the shape in place and add some SHINE! The gel will keep the brow hairs in place so the beautiful shape stays intact. 

Practicing is the key to achieving success with brows. Don’t worry if the final look is not what you expected, as mastering brow artistry takes time. Over time your technique will improve and you’ll become a brow boss! The important part here is to really take your time when finishing the brows, as this is the part the clients look forward to the most. This is the final reveal of your hard work, and your attention to detail will surely wow your client once they take their first look at their fresh, new brows!  


We hope you enjoyed this article! Watch Liz demonstrate how to finish the brow like a boss in the video below. ✨ Leave a comment or question about your recent experiences with brow waxing and using Nova Wax!


Catch you in the next one.



Allegra Garcia
Allegra Garcia