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Prepping and Cleansing Skin Before Eyebrow Waxing

by Allegra Garcia July 16, 2020 2 min read



A successful artist always starts with a blank canvas, and brow artists are no different! Cleansing the skin prior to any brow wax guarantees better results. Cleansing the skin before a wax is important no matter what area you’re servicing, however, the face tends to require more attention due to the fact that our bodies can be protected by clothing but faces are left open to the world. Additionally, skincare and makeup are huge contributors to what lies on the face, and ensuring these are cleared away will result in a seamless waxing experience. 

Before anything, always ensure that there are no skincare products or medicines in play that will interfere with the wax such as Accutane or Retinol. Additionally, pay close attention to any scratches, rashes, or acne on the skin that could be potentially further irritated by the wax. If all is clear, you’re good to begin prepping for the wax!

When prepping the skin for waxing, you want to be sure to remove all makeup, oil, and dirt from the skin so you’re left with a fresh palette to work with. The skin naturally produces oil and when oil is blended with makeup, it can be tricky to remove. A gentle cleanser is ideal as you do not want to strip the skin too much - Liz recommends using Nova’s Pre Wax Cleansing Gel as it helps remove all makeup and oil without leaving the skin overly red or irritated. 

Before the Brow - Nova Wax

It is important to pay attention to the skin you’re dealing with while prepping, to see if you notice any sensitivities or irritation. You do still need to wax the area after prepping, so avoid over-cleansing or excessive rubbing as this could cause the skin to lift during the waxing process (ouch!) Don’t rush through the cleaning process, of course, but also don’t spend too much time on it and risk over-stripping the skin. 

Creating a routine is the key to maintaining consistency with each client and appointment. Even if you get clients who say they showered before their appointment, cleanse anyway! Skin can still produce oil and come into contact with airborne pollutants between the time they showered and the time of their appointment, so getting in the habit of cleansing regardless of the situation will always ensure you don’t have anything interfering with your wax. Always begin with softly cleansing the skin, then lightly dabbing with a clean tissue to remove any moisture left behind.

Once you’ve got your blank canvas, you’re ready to begin mapping out your shape and then finally - waxing! Need some tips on brow mapping? We’ve got you coveredhere: 

Before the Brow: Eyebrow Mapping, Trimming, & Tweezing




Allegra Garcia
Allegra Garcia