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How to Properly Hold Your Wax Stick

How to Properly Hold Your Wax Stick

Nova Wax’s revolutionary hybrid formula allows for a waxing experience that is lightyears ahead of other formulas. While Nova’s flexible formula is smooth like butter… you definitely do not want to treat it like butter! A smooth application process sets the tone for the rest of the waxing experience. An uneven or messy application can lead to a painful removal process, and while waxing definitely isn’t completely painless (oh, how we wish it was!), we definitely do not want to make it worse than it needs to be. As simple as it is, the perfect application begins with how to properly hold your wax stick. 

Although it is tempting to spread the wax like butter, your body is not a piece of toast! This kind of application involves holding the spatula flat against the skin, and this is a big no! Buttering the wax onto your skin will create broken strip edges and inconsistencies within the body/thickness of the wax strip which will lead to uneven drying and an unpleasant, ineffective wax strip.

The best way to apply wax is all in the angle! Holding your wax stick at a 45 degree angle allows it to glide on the skin evenly. This positioning gives you complete control over how the wax maneuvers on the body and makes it easier to apply that perfect pressure, depending on what area you’re waxing. Trust me, you will notice a world of a difference in the way the wax applies to the body!

We all want to look like a snack, but don’t treat your body like one! Take your time, perfect that angle, and it will be smooth sailing! 



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