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Small Strips vs Large Strips

by Nova CS June 18, 2020 4 min read


Stripping your way to success isn’t always easy! Laying the perfect wax strip is truly a form of art, and doing it correctly ensures a seamless removal process. Nova’s stellar hybrid formula works on both fine and coarse hairs, and creating the perfect wax strip only emphasizes it’s amazing abilities. There are two sets of strips you can lay and are typically determined by your skill level. Small for beginners or at-home waxers, and large for more experienced and professional waxers.

Let’s strip down to the basics of laying each type:


Small stripts - Nova Wax by Liz Lugo

When just starting out on your waxing journey, it is important to start small! Large strips look tempting and may appear easy in video tutorials, however, this technique is mastered over years and years of practice. It may take more time to wax a certain area with smaller strips, but at least you will have more control over the entire process and not have to worry about re-doing areas because your large strip did not pull properly. Smaller strips are way more forgiving and they give you the chance to learn how the wax pulls, how it is manipulated on the stick, and how it moves on the skin. Over time, you will be able to work your way up to larger strips! There are three, easy steps to laying your small strips:

  1. Lay your strips town together in a row so that you can target a specific section. Do not try to spread your strips across different areas as you can lose track and forget which areas have already been waxed. You always want to stick to a pattern! Laying them in a row also helps get you in the mindset of preparing to work up to larger strips. Think of it as a long strip just broken up into pieces. 
  2. Create a lip at the end of the strip. The lip is an elevated border at the end of the wax strip that you create by simply lifting your wax stick in a 90-degree angle when you've reached the end of the wax strip. In doing this, the wax will naturally roll down the stick to create a thicker end of the wax that you can use to grip for removal. A strong lip is important no matter what size wax strip you’re working with! The way the lip is created determines how effectively the strip will be removed. Mastering this step is also crucial if you want to work your way up to applying larger strips!
  3. Don't rush it!You’re a beginner waxer, it takes time to feel comfortable waxing. Beginner waxers often think they have to rush through the process and move quickly out of fear that the wax will dry on the stick or during application. This is definitely not the case! The only time your wax will dry on the stick is if it is too tacky, which is a result of your wax being too cold. You’ll know your wax is too tacky if when you pull it from the pot, it is not able to be easily controlled or manipulated on the stick. We always aim for a honey-like consistency! With the right consistency, you will be able to move at a normal, comfortable pace with the application and removal. 


Large Strips - Nova Wax by Liz Lugo

This is for our experienced waxers looking to maximize their waxing time and perform their services more efficiently. Whether you need to brush up on your skills, or you’ve practiced enough with small strips and you’re ready to take the next step; we have three steps to ensure you’ll stay large and in charge!

  1. Make sure all your edges are even. With good pressure, apply the wax evenly throughout the area to ensure the wax and smooth out the edges. Uneven edges can cause the wax to break during removal.
  2. Create a strong enough lip at the end of the strip so the removal process is seamless.With larger strips comes thicker lips, so make sure your lip is something that will withstand removal. If your lip is not thick enough it will not hold up during removal and could break or stretch, causing only a portion of the strip to come off. If you have a really strong lip, the entire strip will come off cleanly and all at once. 
  3. Don’t let the strip sit too long! Nova's excellent formula has a faster drying time than most hard waxes on the market. Oftentimes there is a lot of insecurity with large strips and overthinking the process can cause you to let the strip sit too long on the client’s body. With the wax sitting on the body, the client (especially those with dryer skin) will absorb all the moisture of the wax, making it dry and brittle. This texture can cause the wax to crack which will then lead to a painful and uneven removal process. Have confidence in your abilities! 

At the end of the day, the goal is to remove hair seamlessly. Whether that takes you a little longer with smaller strips, or you’re able to rip it off in one go - Nova’s formula makes it that much easier to get the perfect pull each and every time. 



Nova CS
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