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How to Properly Remove Nova Wax Strips

by Nova CS June 11, 2020 3 min read


Nova’s revolutionary formula was made to simplify your waxing experience so your results are flawless. The removal process of waxing is, of course, the most essential part and can make or break (literally!) your experience. While we wish waxing could be completely painless, Nova’s gentle and advanced formula combined with superior removal technique is the recipe for successful and amazing results. Read on to learn how to properly remove Nova Wax Strips with ease!

Nova Wax melted

So you’ve prepped the skin and heated the wax to reach that perfect, honey-like consistency - maybe you played with it a little in the pot (we can’t resist either, it's pretty for a reason), and you’ve applied it beautifully to the skin. During the application process, it is important to keep in mind that you need to be one step ahead to ensure removal will run smoothly. When applying the wax, you want to create a “lip” at the end so it is easier for you to grip the wax when it is time to strip. This lip is an elevated border at the end of the wax strip that you create by simply lifting your wax stick in a 90-degree angle when you've reached the end of the wax strip. In doing this, the wax will naturally roll down the stick to create that perfect grip. 

Once that lip has been created and the wax has set appropriately, you should be able to grip it with your thumb and index finger and begin the removal. If you have longer nails that are giving you trouble with achieving a good grip, you can try a different technique using the end of the used wax stick. The used wax stick has dry wax that acts as a sticky component, allowing you to gently lift the edges of the wax strip to create a handle. If you opt for this technique, make sure you are sticking to the edges only and not touching the body of the strip. 

Bear in mind that pinching and pulling at the skin (especially if the wax strip has not lifted properly) can cause damage to the skin by breaking hairs or pulling the skin itself, resulting in a more painful experience (no thank you!). If you notice the wax is breaking, tearing, or stretching while still adhered to the skin, do not continue trying to remove it as this uneven strip removal will be ineffective and painful as well. Try to evaluate the kind of breakage you are experiencing and try to rectify it before proceeding. Remember - timing is everything! If you do not let the wax sit long enough it could break as you try to remove it, and if you let the wax sit too long the wax could dry up and get flaky on the skin. Additionally, you want to ensure all aspects of the temperature are balanced. If the wax is too hot or the room is too hot, this can cause breakage issues as well. 


Let's watch a quick video of Liz demonstrating the proper way to remove Nova wax strips: 



Just remember - Lip, Grip & Strip! With these tips and confidence in your technique, we know you’ll deliver a stellar waxing experience.



Nova CS
Nova CS