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Liz Lugo Waxing Demos

Nova Wax - Liz Lugo

Waxing guru, Liz Lugo will demonstrate a quick and easy way to wax the sideburns, arms, and the legs, for a clean and beautiful look post-quarantine!

First, here are some general pre-waxing tips that make a HUGE difference no matter what area of the body you’re waxing:

Pre-Waxing Tips

You want to ensure the hair on you or your clients is long enough to wax. Ideally, the hair should be about 1/4 of an inch in length in order for the wax to properly adhere to it. On the other hand, if the hair is too long, we recommend you trim it before waxing so you can have a more comfortable experience.

You should really make sure to exfoliate a couple of days before waxing to cleanse and remove any dead skin. It is recommended not to exfoliate the day of a wax as waxing exfoliates your skin even further and may raise the chances of inflammations.

If you are taking appointments, it is a good idea to call your clients in advance to remind them about the correct way to prepare before their wax.

Here is the hard wax guru in action!

Sideburns Wax

Arm Wax

Leg Wax

In order for the very best results, it is recommended that you use pre and post wax care products to hydrate the skin and prevent redness or ingrown hairs. There are NEW Nova pre and post wax care products coming soon so look out for more details coming soon!

If you love watching Liz wax, brace yourself because she’s cooking up more waxing content with Nova that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Stay tuned.



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