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How to Use Your Nova Mini Wax Warmer

by Nova CS May 21, 2020 1 min read


The Nova Mini Wax Warmer makes waxing quick and easy!

Don’t let its small size fool you! This professional-quality wax warmer is perfect for use at home or your waxing salon.Holding 125 grams of hard wax, the Mini Wax Warmer works amazing for waxing small body areas such as the face & eyebrows. 

Here is how to use it: 

Power on your Mini Wax Warmer and turn the temperature dial clockwise to the max (the last tick). This will get to a temperature that melts Nova Wax to a liquified form. 

Even though this wax warmer only holds 125 grams of wax, you still should wait about 15-20 minutes after heating it to use. 

You will need to bring the temperature back down to a warm half temperature setting. Turn down the heating dial counterclockwise so its at the middle tick or just below it. Adjust the temperature depending on how warm or cool your room is. Keeping the wax consistent is crucial for its performance.  

The temperature of your wax and the temperature in the room can either make or break your entire waxing experience so please pay attention to your surroundings.

There you have it! If you do facial, brow, underarm, or even bikini services, this little champ is a great choice for getting the consistency you want! 



Nova CS
Nova CS