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How to Clean Your Hard Wax Warmer

by Kirstyn Porter February 16, 2023 3 min read


How to Clean a Hard Wax Warmer

Investing in a qualityhard wax warmer is a great way to begin your journey as a new waxer or make a commitment to providing an even better service to your already existing clients! Of course, with quality comes a higher price tag, and taking care of your investment is crucial. 

At Nova, we put together a quick guide below with everything you need to know abouthow to keep your hard wax warmer clean.

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Hard Wax Warmer Cleaning Supplies

Before you begin to clean your hard wax warmer, make sure you have the proper supplies. The supplies necessary toclean a hard wax warmer are as follows: gloves, spatula, sterilizing wipes, cloth wax strips, paper towels, and oil.

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Hard Wax Warmer Cleaning Precautions

Taking the extra time to be safe is always recommended whencleaning a hard wax warmer! It’s easy to forget that hard wax warmers are devices that reach temperatures capable of pretty serious burns, especially when you use them day in and day out.

One of the first things to check beforecleaning your hard wax warmer is the temperature. Before you clean your hard wax warmer, you turn it on to melt the remaining wax which means it isreally hot. 

It does need to be warm to get the residue out; however, if it’s too hot you run the risk of burning yourself. 

Another thing you want to be sure of whencleaning your hard wax warmer is that you’re not using cotton rounds. Cotton rounds adhere to wax and can create a huge mess (which is what you’re trying to prevent by cleaning!), so sticking to cloth wax strips to remove the wax is much more effective. 

Lastly, while this is more of a tip than a precaution, usingoil toclean your wax warmer is the best way to get the wax out. 

How to Clean a Wax Warmer Step-by-Step

  1. Turn on the wax warmer to melt the wax remaining in the wax tin.
  2. Apply gloves and begin to use a spatula to scoop out any larger pieces of wax buildup.
  3. Use wax cloth strips to adhere to any remaining sticky parts of wax, which can be found along the inside of the tin. Remove by sticking and pressing repeatedly.
  4. Turn the wax warmer off after all visible wax has been removed to avoid any burns or accidents.
  5. Apply oil on a paper towel and thoroughly wipe the inside of the tin for any wax residue.
  6. Get a clean paper towel and wipe the tin again, to remove any oil.
  7. Use sanitizing wipes or an isopropyl alcohol-saturated paper towel to wipe the inner tin and outside surfaces/buttons of the hot wax warmer.
  8. Go over all areas with a paper towel to ensure everything is dry and free of residue.

Replacing Your Hard Wax Warmer

Although consistently cleaning your hard wax warmer will help extend its lifespan, they do not last forever. Quality wax warmers can last up to several years with proper care and maintenance.

Nova Wax carries a premium selection of hard wax warmers for all waxing needs. From compact warmers to large wax warmers, all Nova hard wax warmers are designed for efficiency and performance.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a high-end wax warmer is a huge step in your career as an esthetician! To make the most out of your investment and prioritize salon sanitation, learninghow to clean your wax warmer properly is a big deal.

Always be aware of things like temperature whencleaning your wax warmer and keep supplies around that will make your job easier, like waxing oil and waxing strips. 

Watch the demo by Liz Lugo in the video below: 


Kirstyn Porter
Kirstyn Porter