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The NEW NovaPRO Portal Experience

by Julian Tavera March 07, 2024 5 min read


The New NovaPRO Experience

Whether you’re a day one Nova Wax fan or brand new to the Novaverse, hopefully, you’ve picked up on how much we value professional estheticians and business owners! 

Not only were we founded by a licensed esthetician, but we’ve also found ways to show our community appreciation whenever we can such as now offering lowered professional pricing on the highest quality waxing products. 

NovaPRO strives to provide waxing professionals with premium luxury waxing products designed to the exact specifications of professionals and business owners to help them get the highest return on their investment.

A few years ago, we launched NovaPRO,  the exclusive discount program for professionals offering preferred pricing on Nova wholesale waxing supplies. 

We’re excited to announce that we’re upgrading NovaPRO further with the launch of our new portal! 

What is the New NovaPRO Portal?

The NovaPRO Portal is the go-to place for licensed professionals to buy Nova Wax products at their preferred price point. It will now have lowered, simplified pricing to provide you with the lowest prices on the most sought-after luxury waxing products. 

It features our wholesale wax and waxing supplies, including hard wax, soft wax, roll-on wax, wax warmers, waxing spatulas, waxing kits, pre and post-care products, and more! It operates like a full real website and will allow you to have an overall more engaging and easier-to-navigate website experience. 


The NovaPro Portal was made to help professionals enhance their business, by saving money through bulk buying without compromising the quality of products used for clients. 

Night owl? Nova gets it. That’s why our NovaPro Portal is available 24/7! You can order from anywhere at any time. 

Shipping is also free for all orders placed through the NovaPro Portal if you live in the upper 48 states. 

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What It Means For You

We know that change can be scary, but we’re determined to make the transition to NovaPRO seamless. 

Before we launch our new store, we want to ensure that we have your correct company name information.

Confirm your company name before we launch our new NovaPRO Portal! 

Click here to confirm your company name.

How do you Shop on the New NovaPRO Portal?

If you’re an existing customer, simply use your current NovaPro email to log into the new PRO portal at novawaxpro.com, use the unique code sent to your email to login and you’re good to go! 

If you’re a new pro pricing customer, you’ll create an account with your email and password and need to log in to make purchases. You will need to provide your company name and license number.

Ensure your email matches exactly as you have it on your current pro account.

Once you’re in, you’ll have access to shop our lowered and simplified professional pricing.

You’ll also enjoy quicker checkout, better navigation, and enhanced product discovery along with exclusive offers. Experience a smooth transition with your favorite items, plus discover much more on Nova Wax's new pro portal.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

When we talk about buying bulk we’re talking about a low-cost high quantity model. You buy more or “bulk” at once and save more money. 

Buying in bulk is a great way to make the most of your time and finances as a licensed professional. 

Nova 30lb Hard Wax

One thing that buying in bulk solves is having to check inventory, which can take up a lot of your time! You don’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough wax to get through your daily services. 

When you buy 30lb wax boxes and 20 roll-on wax bulk wax in the NovaPRO Portal, you are always getting the lowest price available. 

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When Can I Shop the New NovaPRO Portal?

You will be able to shop the new NovaPRO Portal in March, 2024. Ensure you’re subscribed to our email list and keep an eye on your inbox to be the first to know when you can shop the new portal. In the meantime, place your wholesale orders here

Nova Soft Wax


Will I still be able to see my past orders? 

You will still have access to your order history through the Nova Wax website, simply sign into your old account and you will be able to download or view any past orders. Our customer support team can also assist you in accessing those orders if you are having trouble. All orders on NovaPRO moving forward will be stored in your account here!

How will I access my order history? 

You will be able to access your NovaPRO order history by logging into your new account after you have placed an order. All order history from the past NovaPRO portal will be accessible through customer support or by logging into your old account on nova-wax.com

What if I placed an order before this launch? 

It will be shipped and delivered as usual and that order invoice will live in your previous account on nova-wax.com. 

What should we expect for pricing? 

We understand the need for competitive pro pricing now more than ever, for that reason there are no more mandatory minimums, no more confusing tiers, and all of our professional pricing has been lowered. We hope this will allow you to try new formulas and, more importantly, that this will allow you to make more profit off the things you need.

Are there mandatory minimums? 

Not anymore! The new NovaPRO experience features lower prices than our old tiered pricing offered. There will be no more cart minimums nor will there be unit minimums to get the savings you need!

Will I still get better rates with the product specialists?

Our Product Specialists are armed with bulk buying offers that will always feature the best price per pound. If you’re buying 100+lbs of wax at a time, book a call HERE!

Will I get double the emails now? 

No, your email and SMS experience will now be more catered to your professional needs! 

Do I need to change my password? 

No, if you have an existing wholesale account when you sign in with your email on Monday it will send you a code to login! 

You will get an email from orders@novawaxpro.com confirming your wholesale pricing access has been approved within 24-48 hours of submission. So keep an eye out and don’t forget to add us to your contact list so we don’t go to spam!

Does the customer service number change? 

No, you can still reach our support team and the product specialists using the same contact information from before. You can also reach out to them by emailing support@novawaxpro.com

Do I get to work with the same product specialist?

There is no team better suited to assist you in the NovaPRO process than our Product Specialist team. You will still be able to book calls with them using the numbers and emails you were using before!  

Will there be pro-only products here or will everything be the same as retail? 

There will be exclusively Pro Products on the NovaPRO site, so keep an eye on your email for new launches and courses that only our community of professionals have access to! 

Is the return policy the same?

Yes, our return policy remains the same:Any opened and/or used product may not be returned. If a product is attempted to be returned and arrives back showing it has been opened and used, the customer will not receive a refund nor will used products be returned back to the customer. 

What is the subscription option on the 30lb boxes?

If you’re on an ordering schedule you can save even more on our 30lb boxes! It is entirely self-serve and managed through your NovaPRO account so you can make changes, cancel upcoming orders, reschedule, or end your subscription at any time. 

Julian Tavera
Julian Tavera