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Tips For Preventing Pimples After Waxing

Tips For Preventing Pimples After Waxing

tips for preventing pimples after waxing

Pimples and breakouts always tend to come around at the worst, most inconvenient times! For instance, let's say you have a big event coming up, so you plan accordingly to get your eyebrows perfectly waxed before the night of your event, only to find that you have
pimples after waxing!

Not the result you wanted, and understandably so!

Besides, we get waxed to have smooth, silky, and flawless hair-free skin. Just one pimple can ruin that entire look!

The reality is, though, pimples after waxing are quite common and can happen anywhere waxing occurs, not just on your face.

As professional estheticians, our client's skin may naturally be prone to breakouts, and they may show a lot of concern regarding how to treat post-waxing pimples and how to prevent them.

Our blog post today will help clear up the concerns and worries about breaking out after waxing and give some essential tips and reminders on how to manage these pesky bumps!

Share these thoughts with your clients, and it will not only keep them coming for their waxing appointments despite the pimples, but it may just clear up their problem!

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Is It Normal To Get Pimples After Waxing?

Yes, it is absolutely normal to get pimples after waxing.

Even more so, you are not alone!

As professional estheticians, our job is to make our client's skin look flawless by removing any hair they want removed on the face and body.

However, while waxing is a fantastic service that many women and men take advantage of, it can sometimes lead to skin irritation, redness, and ultimately, breakouts.

The reason behind this is two-fold:

Why Do I Get Breakouts After Waxing? 

First, your hair follicles are open after waxing, making them a magnet for bacteria and causing pimples. The bacteria can come from your hands, waxing strips (we hope not from unhygienic practices by your salon!), or even the air around you.

Waxing could also cause micro-tears in your skin.

While it may not be visible to the eye, these microscopic tears are easily susceptible to bacterial growth and infection if left untreated.

Bacteria breeds pimples. Period. So it's important to take steps to treat and prevent these unwelcome guests after waxing.

Additionally, if you tend to use comedogenic beauty products, whether it be moisturizers, SPF, or make-up, immediately after a fresh wax or right beforehand, you could be aiding these pimples along by clogging your pores.

Secondly, the waxing strips used to remove hair from the face and body are often made of paper, cloth, or synthetic materials. These strips adhere to the hair and pull it out with the root by creating traction when sliding them back against your skin.

This repeated motion across the skin can lead to irritation and potential friction that may cause breakouts.

So, when you get pimples after waxing, especially if you are experiencing breakouts after waxing, it is likely that the openings of your hair follicles are trapping bacteria and producing excess sebum within the skin. Sometimes, we may experience other bumps on our skin or our client's skin that are quite different from pimples. 

Lastly, if you're noticing bleeding after waxing and have wondered if that was normal or not, our linked blog post above goes into detail on the topics and covers other bumps you may be experiencing as well. It also explains why some of these occur.

How Long Does Pimples Last After Waxing?

Pimples from waxing can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week or more, with most clearing up, or at least beginning to go away, in just two or three days.

Your skin type and the amount of sensitivity your skin has will determine how long pimples after waxing take to heal.

It may take longer to clear up for those prone to breakouts, have sensitive skin, or have an active infection.

If you find that your pimples last longer than a week post-waxing and are getting extremely inflamed or painful, it may be time to visit your dermatologist or family doctor. This could be a sign of an infection, and it's always better to let your dermatologist treat an infection sooner rather than later.

For a good reason, then, it's important to do everything you can to prevent breakouts after waxing and treat them as soon as possible! If you immediately notice some pimples, what can you do to get rid of them?

How Do You Get Rid Of Pimples After Waxing?

If you have found yourself with pimples after waxing, you can help get rid of them by regularly cleansing the area, very gently exfoliating, and applying an antiseptic toner like witch hazel to the area.

Also, remember not to touch pimples with your hands!

woman attempting to pop a pimple

Since you did recently get waxed, you want to be very gentle with your skin! Gentle cleansing (preferably twice a day) is crucial to removing dirt, oil, and bacteria that can be left on your skin from a long day and even your own pillowcase! This can prevent your breakout from getting worse and healing up.

Gentle exfoliation is also vital in ridding yourself of these pimples. It helps to clear your skin of any dead skin cell build-up and for your pores to have a clear opening for the dirt or pus from the pimples to be eradicated.

If you are continually touching your face with your hands, you can cause more oil and bacteria to be transferred from your hands, further clogging the pores and preventing pimples after waxing from healing as quickly as possible. So…

No touching!

Lastly, applying an antiseptic toner like witch hazel will help clear up the area and prevent infection.

Now, before they have to go through the trouble of trying to clear up those unwanted pimples, how can you advise your clients to prevent any pimples before they form?

Breakout Prevention Before And After Waxing

There are multiple steps your clients can take before AND after waxing to prevent pimples.

Before Waxing

Before your client comes in for a wax, they should be informed to stop any comedogenic and oil-based products for at least a few days. Comedogenic products aren't great to use on acne-prone skin anyways, but if they are using them, stopping in advance can help prevent their pores from clogging up.

Additionally, they should gently exfoliate about 48 hours before the wax. This will clear dead skin cells to prevent any post-waxing pimples.

Using a cleansing pre-treatment, like Nova's cleansing gel, will help prep the skin and create a 'protective barrier,' we like to say, ensuring a clean wax and clarified skin.

We should also do our part by always maintaining the highest standard of hygiene within our salon, never double dipping in our waxing pot with the same applicators, using gloves during our waxing sessions, and cleansing and prepping our client's skin properly with pre-treatments and baby powder if their skin is prone to be oily.

After Waxing

After waxing, you should have a routine of applying a post-wax care product on all your clients. Nova's Hydrating and Smoothing Lotion is a great way to disinfect your skin post-waxing and provides powerful antioxidant protection. This is a significant first step in preventing pimples after waxing.

Next, your client should gently clean the area twice a day to prevent any excess dirt and oil from being trapped in their pores and keep their hands away from the waxed area at all times!

Regular exfoliation is also key after all waxes to clear out those clogged pores from anything that might be left behind by prepping with a cleansing gel.

On the day of and after waxing, it is best to stay away from saunas, excessive exercise, or any activities that can cause you to sweat a lot. This sweat can seep into the open pores and create bumps and pimples.

Allow your skin time to heal up before you do anything to create additional inflammation or irritation.

Last but certainly not least, commit to a regular waxing routine.


Because the more you wax, the healthier your skin will be. The more exfoliation, clogged pores, and dead cells you remove with a waxing service, the less likely pimples will form after waxing. Plus, in the beginning, your skin may resist the results waxing provides because it is unused to it. The more often you wax, your skin will be more attuned to waxing and give less inflammatory and reactive responses, leading to fewer breakouts.

In Summary

Pimples are a common occurrence after waxing. Many people experience this whether it's their very first time waxing or they've waxed quite a few times.

Often, though, there are many things that clients should be doing that they aren't aware of before and after waxing to prevent pimples like regular cleansing, exfoliation, applying pre and post waxing cleansers and lotions, antiseptic toners like witch hazel, and using a cool compress to close up the pores after waxing.

Pimples happen. We all hate them, but they happen.

Sharing preventative tips with your clients will help them take control of their post-waxing breakouts and feel much more confident that, in time, pimples after waxing will be a thing of their past!

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