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by Nova CS April 23, 2020 1 min read



The perfect lip wax - Nova Wax

If you are new to waxing here is a great way to start your journey. Facial waxing is one of the most popular waxing services and can be perfected with practice. As long as you are patient, practice, and learn everything you need to know - you can master anything!

These are the steps Liz is taking in the video below...

  • She set her Nova Professional Wax Warmer to 75. Keep in mind her warmer is FULL! The temperature will vary depending on how much wax you have in your warmer. 

  • You want your wax to be at a honey-like consistency - always depend on the consistency of the wax over the temperature setting. Notice the wax consistency is perfect for a lip wax.  The Nova Wax is warm enough to be effective, but not so hot that it won’t stay on the stick. Ensure your wax is not too tacky/cool - it won’t spread if it’s too cool.

  • When she pulls the wax from the warmer she uses the small spatula, dips it into the outer edge of the wax warmer & drags the spatula through the wax in a scooping motion.

  • Clean the edges of your wax spatula as this creates cleaner strips when applying the wax.  Hold your skin taut (skin stretched tight) when applying wax & when removing the strip! 

If you have any questions please DM us @nova_wax or @browsby_liz.
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Nova CS
Nova CS