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Waxing in the Winter - Tips & Benefits

by Kirstyn Porter December 01, 2023 4 min read


Waxing in the WInter

It may seem nonsensical, but the best time to start a new wax regimen is actually during the winter months! You might be wondering why the time you cover nearly every inch of your body to brave the cold weather is ideal for achieving smooth hairless skin; but, here at Nova Wax have all the details on whywaxing in the winter is the smartest move you can make.

Table of Contents

  • Reasons to Wax in the Winter
  • Waxing in the Winter and Exfoliation
  • Winter Waxing and Hair Growth Cycles
  • Starting a Winter Waxing Routine
  • How to Increase Business through Waxing in the Winter
  • Final Thoughts
  • Reasons to Wax in the Winter

    A lot of times people neglectwaxing in the winter because skin isn’t being shown as much as it is in the spring and summer months! 

    People see it as a time to cut back on spending money, especially during times like the holidays when money is being thrown left and right!

    In reality,waxing in the winter actually ends up saving you money down the long road. 

    Establishing a good waxing routine in the winter means your hair will grow back more slowlyandyour skin will thank you for the extra attention.

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    Waxing in the Winter and Exfoliation

    One of the biggest benefits ofwaxing in the winter is the extra exfoliation your skin will get! Often times in the winter the skin is neglected on a lot of levels. 

    People forget to moisturize because they’re bundling up in clothes or friction from cold wind is disrupting the skin’s moisture barrier. Whatever the cause may be, winter skin is dry and needs extra attention!

    Luckily, waxing in the winter provides exfoliation through the service of waxing itself. When removing your wax strips, the dead skin cells on the epidermis (top layer of the skin) are also being removed, leaving freshly exfoliated skin!

    As far as waxing prep goes, exfoliating 1-2 days before a service not only makes the pain more tolerable but also extends results! 

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    Winter Waxing and Hair Growth Cycles

    Waxing in the winter is a great way to regulate your hair growth cycles and in turn, extend your waxing results! The hair growth stages are as follows: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. 

    Nova Hair Growth Cycles

    The most significant hair growth stage (with waxing) is anagen. During the anagen phase, hair is actively growing. Waxing hair in the anagen stage means removing hair from the root, which is what gives you those smooth results!

    Waxing in the winter is important because all of the hair growth is at different stages; for example, some hair might be in the telogen stage where it’s preparing to cycle back into the starting anagen stage. 

    The best way to get the most effective results is to get all of the hair on the same cycle. Luckily, once waxing is done often enough this happens naturally! 

    Startingwaxing in the winter ensures adequate time to get that hair growth cycle in check before the summer. 

    Starting a Winter Waxing Routine

    If you’re going to start winter waxing, the best thing to do is find a salon or studio that you trust. Waxing routinely involves multiple trips and you want to be sure you love the waxer doing your service, their techniques, the products they use, etc. 

    Smooth Legs with Socks

    After finding a place, the next thing you need to do is plan. When first starting out, going every 4 weeks is recommended since the hair will be at different growth stages. 

    A good time to start awaxing in the winter routine is October. That way, by the time summer comes around you’ll already have a few months of slowed cycles and be able to go every 6+ weeks!

    If you’re an esthetician, starting your clients on a winter waxing routine can be done easily by pre-booking! Not only does pre-booking establish a relationship with your clients, but you can also be assured that they’re sticking to a timeline. 

    Investing in agood high quality wax is another must for clients whenwaxing in the winter. The skin is super sensitive during the winter from the weather and just a general lack of attention. 

    Using the best wax is showing your clients that you care about their results. 

    How to Increase Business through Waxing in the Winter 

    It’s no secret that winter months are considered the “slow season” for estheticians, especially wax focused estheticians. People are spending more time at home, trying to save up money for holiday presents, and just embracing the baggy clothes winter vibes. 

    One great way to increase your business during the winter season is by offeringwaxing in the winter bundle deals. For example, if you normally charge $60 for a Brazilian wax you could offer a bundle deal of 3 Brazilians for $150. That way, clients are saving $10 per wax and $30 overall.

    You can even take bundles a step further and make pre-booking another caveat. If we use the same deal from above, 3 waxes for $150 you can add things like 10% off any take-home products if you pre-book at the time of purchase.

    Bundle deals are a great way to kill two birds with one stone because you’re ensuring future business and also helping clients establish their winter waxing routines if you center deals around pre-booking.

    Getting creative with specials when it comes towaxing in the winter is a great way to increase business and raise awareness about all of the winter waxing benefits.

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    Final Thoughts

    Although winter is the time a lot of people cut back on spending and services,waxing in the winter is actually one of the most beneficial things you can do for smooth skin. 

    In the winter months, skin is dry and dull and even though it’s covered up, starting a waxing routine in the winter is a great way to prepare for summer when it’s time to bare it all.Waxing in the winter not only exfoliates skin, but also gets skin on a consistent hair growth cycle.

    Starting a winter waxing routine can be daunting but with the help of your esthetician, getting a routine going is simple. If you yourself are the esthetician, starting newwaxing in the winter specials is a great way to get new business and educate clients on all of the benefits.

    Kirstyn Porter
    Kirstyn Porter