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How to Choose the Best Waxing Kit

by Allegra Garcia May 19, 2022 5 min read


Nova Waxing Kits

Waxing is known to be one of the most reliable and long lasting forms of hair removal. Its surge in popularity over the years has also been matched with an influx of waxing products on the market - some good and some very, very bad.

With so many brands on the market and various formulas to filter through, choosing the best waxing kit for yourself can seem incredibly overwhelming. This is exactly why Nova Wax was formed.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing the Best Waxing Kit 
  • Eyebrow & Face Waxing Kit
  • Standard Hard Wax Kit
  • Final Thoughts

  • Hard Wax guru and brow artist extraordinaire, Liz Lugo, created Nova Wax to solve the issue of an overwhelming waxing market. After years of experimenting with various European wax formulas, there was never one formula that wasitfor her.

    She wished that she could take the elasticity of one formula and combine it with the fast-drying element of another, or have her favorite strong formula be gentle enough for her sensitive skin clients.

    Since there was not a formula that existed to suit all of her needs as an esthetician, she decided to create her own.

    Nova wax luxury hard wax tablets


    Nova Wax is a luxurious formula that can do it all AND is a hard wax that works wonderfully on sensitive skin.

    There is no need to worry about stocking up on different formulas because you can trust that Nova will work effectively fine hair, coarse hair, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

    Nova was born from the needs of an esthetician herself - not a company *thinking* about what you need. For the at-home waxer, you have access to a professional-quality wax that is normally restricted to licensed individuals.

    Choosing the Best Waxing Kit

    When choosing the right wax kit for yourself, choosing the right wax formula is at the top of the list. There are a lot of waxes on the market that are made with low-quality ingredients that not only irritate your skin, but also do not remove hair effectively.

    Instead of finishing an area in one to two strips you will need to lay multiple strips to fully remove all the hair, and laying a ton of strips on the same area can lead to burning and skin lifting.

    The price tag of these wax kits may seem appealing, but you’re doing more harm than good to your skin AND your wallet in the long run. Your skin is fragile, treat it properly with high-quality products! Nova Wax kits are the best hard wax kits on the market- here’s why:

    1. We provide you with top-quality wax crafted by an esthetician herself
    2. Our warmers heat the wax effectively, are easy to use, and are sleek in design
    3. Spatulas are provided so you do not need to purchase any supplemental materials
    4. We provide you with the best tips and video demonstrations to use Nova Wax properly, whether you’re a waxing newbie or a licensed pro! 


    Nova Wax has two wonderful kits to satisfy your waxing needs. You can choose one (or both!) depending on what your waxing goals are! 

    Eyebrow & Face Waxing Kit

    Eyebrow & Face Waxing Kit

    The Nova Mini Wax kit is a cult-favorite (this baby was sold out for over 2 months at one point!) With this kit, you get: 

    • 1 Facial Wax Warmer
    • 1 Box of Nova Wax 500g
    • 1 Pack of 100 of 4.5in Spatulas

    The stylish, cylindrical design of the the Mini Wax Warmer features an adjustable temperature dial with six heating levels.

    The convenient temperature indicator light turns on when you set a temperature and off once the warmer has stabilized at the desired temperature. The lockable lid ensures safety and helps to maintain the wax at the desired temperature.

    The Eyebrow & Face Waxing Kit is the best waxing kit for the face. The sleek, compact warmer holds 125g/4.4 oz of wax, making it ideal for small areas like the eyebrows.

    Depending on your hair growth, the mini wax kit could also be used for at-home underarm waxing or at-home bikini line waxing with some minimal refilling.

    Keep in mind that if you are completely new to waxing, it will take some time to get the hang of waxing yourself so you may end up using a bit more wax than normal - and that’s okay!

    Once you learn how to control the wax on your spatula and apply it properly, you’ll be able to get a gauge on how much wax a certain area requires. 

    The Eyebrow & Face Waxing Kit is not only for newbies or at-home waxers, this kit is also one of the best eyebrow waxing kits for pros!

    If you are an esthetician or cosmetologist thinking of adding small facial waxing services to your treatment menu, or you’re an esthetician that specializes in brows - this waxing kit is a stellar choice for you!

    The small, compact design of the wax warmer also makes this waxing kit ideal for traveling and on-the-go estheticians.

    Standard Hard Wax Kit

    Standard Hard Wax Kit

    The Nova Standard Waxing Kit is Liz Lugo’s personal favorite, and below is what comes in the kit:

    • 1 Standard Hard Wax Warmer
    • 1 box of Nova Wax 1000g hard wax
    • 1 Pack of 100 4.5 inch spatulas 
    • 1 Pack of 100 6 inch spatulas 

    The standard warmer holds 1 pound of loose wax and is designed to beautifully melt Nova Wax to a perfect consistency with an adjustable temperature dial notated with degrees.

    The warmer also features a removable tin for easy clean-up. Wax can be heated directly inside the well of the warmer, without the tin, for a more direct heating process. This warmer can also fit soft wax cans! It is also lightweight and relatively small in size, making it easy to store away in your bathroom without taking up too much space. 

    Even if you’re an at-home user, this wax kit is a wonderful, full body waxing kit that is compact, portable, and easy to use.


    Whether you are on the hunt for the best eyebrow waxing kit or searching for a high-quality at home waxing kit for sensitive skin, look no further than Nova Wax.

    Our Eyebrow & Face Waxing Kit is perfect if you're just starting out with waxing or will only focus on brow and facial services.

    The larger Standard Hard Wax Kit gives you the ultimate flexibility with waxing so you can wax larger areas like your legs, or multiple small areas at once.

    You can trust our luxurious waxing kits and monthly blogs with tips and tricks will take your waxing game to the next level. 

    Allegra Garcia
    Allegra Garcia